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Steve Ritchie is Optimistic

November 16, 2018 • divinefuel

In a conference call to discuss Papa John’s third-quarter earnings report, Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie says that there are positive signs that the world’s third largest pizza delivery company is making good progress in its attempt to win back its customers’ trust. Steve Ritchie is “optimistic about the opportunities ahead.” Numerous data gathered by a number of research firms indicates that customers’ sentiments have shifted since—negative perceptions are now either, at worst, neutral or even positive. This shift in customers’ perceptions of the company is in large part attributed to the successful launch of its “Voices” campaign back in September, whose goal is to rebrand the company as an employee-centric company.

Rome certainly was not built in a day. Steve Ritchie recognizes that the journey to regain their customers’ trust requires a great deal more time and effort, that challenges will continue to exist for him to overcome, and that a great amount of work still needs to be done.

Steve Ritchie hopes to build on this progress by restructuring its executive suite so that the company could more better shift its focus back to who is of the greatest importance–the customers. This restructuring is being led by the company’s new Executive Vice President and chief operating and growth officer, the seasoned and accomplished Mike Nettles. This restructuring has resulted in the creation of four new vice president positions that focuses in on the following key customer touchpoints or interaction points: customer experience, innovation and branding, menu strategy, and analytics and technology. Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) has also been the subject of a number of acquisition rumors. There is, reportedly, at least four companies interested in acquiring Papa John’s. In light of these facts, Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie is justified in his optimism as to Papa John’s future.

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How OSI Industries Strives To Be An Environmentally-Responsible Firm

October 29, 2018 • divinefuel

For almost 110 years OSI Industries has been supplying people with processed food. They started out as a family-operated meat market named Otto & Sons in Chicago. The founder, Otto Kolchowsky, developed his company into a major wholesaler of processed meat products supplied to other butcher shops in the area.

From those humble beginnings, OSI Industries is now one of the world’s largest suppliers of processed food which now includes beef, poultry, pork, vegetables, and fruit. Their customers are major quick-serve restaurants and the grocery industry. They have been led for the past forty years by entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin who has been the CEO and Chairman. He also owns this privately held company.

This is a company that takes its responsibilities to the environment very seriously. They are always willing to adopt new strategies and techniques that will mitigate their harm to the environment. They also aim to create more sustainable efforts among their suppliers all over the world.

One way that OSI Industries pursues new environmental initiatives is by strong research and development efforts. They have two Culinary Innovation Centers they operate to investigate new initiatives. They also operate another research and development center which is located in the greater Chicago region.

Among the types of research they do at OSI Industries is how to build more efficient supply chains. They also strive to create more consumer-friendly lines of products. Once they determine what the best practices are they supply this information to all of their suppliers who can make use of it.

They also have a chief sustainability officer at this company. They hired Nicole Johnson-Hoffman for this position and she is one of their key executives since her role is so important. She was promoted from being a senior vice president. She also served on the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef as a vice president and is now its president. She says that sustainability doesn’t mean you should focus on one thing but you should instead take a holistic and progressive approach. She says that at her company sustainability is not treated as yet just another buzz-word.

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Top Professional Organization for Architects and its Leadership

October 27, 2018 • divinefuel

Joining a professional organization is one of the most beneficial things that one can do during their career. In the architecture field, it is no different. For architects who are looking to enhance their careers, they will benefit by joining professional organizations such as the American Institute of Architects. This organization is one of the leading entities when it comes to professional development in the field. Architects at all experience levels will be able to benefit by becoming a member. They will have opportunities to get assistance with getting employment and networking with other professionals and companies in the field. As a member of the American Institute of Architects, they will also be in position to add more credentials to their background and continue their education in the field. Therefore, architects are likely to improve their knowledge and expertise by having membership with the AIA. More about of Robert Ivy at

The leadership of the American Institute of Architects consists of a few executives. One of these executives is Robert Ivy. He is a longtime practitioner and journalist in the field who was named as the CEO in 2011. As the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has helped contribute to a number of programs that help with both professional development and general education about the community. The programs introduced have included information about immigration, the environment and also diversity and inclusion. These programs have all contributed to enhancing the overall knowledge of architects. Robert has also helped the organization expand to other countries as well.

While Robert Ivy has been a key member of the American Institute of Architects for several years, he has a list of significant accomplishments prior to joining the organization. As the editor in chief for a major architecture publication, Robert Ivy won an award for his work. He was responsible for publishing a number of key articles about some of the hottest topics in the field. Ivy was also involved in writing articles for publications as well where he developed his reputation as a top expert in architecture. During the summer of 2018, Robert won the Lifetime Achievement Award which recognizes those who make significant contributions to the art, performance and media fields.

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Igor Cornelsen an Intelligent Brazilian Financial Consultant

October 27, 2018 • divinefuel

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian, born in the year 1947 and globally known as a business investor. In his undergrad course, he studied economics, and engineering in the Federal Varsity of Parana which was the only University offering this technical course. The studies which he undertook at the university made him creative and innovative whereby he became so resourceful and was employed by the investment bank. The bank had a strong team of engineers, and who were competent in handling the mathematics of compound interest rate. The legendary was also the Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and a board member of Multibanco.

Some years later, Igor Cornelsen ascended the ladder from being employed to self-employed whereby he became a financial consultant by assisting people to solve challenges related to financing. He motivated and instilled precious gem of wisdom to people who wanted to trade by selling cheap stocks at a higher profit. Commitment, intelligence, and diligence are the principles needed for a successful investor to achieve massively in the business of trading stocks. Igor believes and upholds in the philosophy of transforming ideas into reality.

According to Igor, a successful businessman is the one who is flexible and dynamic to the needs and the wants of his customers. A positive growth can reach a full realization by continuous learning the tricks of the present times. Making Investments is more advantageous than being employed by an individual because through invention, one can create wealth for his future generation.

Igor Cornelsen treasures and values considerably the aspect of passive income which permits a person to make more money and work less. He puts across distinguishable avenues of earning passive income which include investing in the real state and stock exchange. It is essential for one to be knowledgeable and courageous whenever doing any business. Over forty years of experience, Cornelsen has assisted business individuals in creating income by investing in different sectors of the economy.

Matt Badiali Loves His Silver

October 20, 2018 • divinefuel

Matt Badiali spent much of his educational and career life as a geologist. He would later learn he had a passion and skill for helping individuals invest in quality resource companies. As a geologist he traveled to many countries and inspected the natural resource assets. He was able to talk with many CEOs about the business side of the natural resource industry. One of the most important lessons he took with him as a geologist was to always examine a natural resource investment first hand before committing money to it. Matt Badiali has recently predicted that silver is going to make a great investment. Many who follow the precious metals religiously would disagree, as the price action for the metals, particularly silver has been horrible. However, Mr. Badiali gives multiple reasons he feels silver may be the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Matt Badiali mentions that even with the major drop in silver prices over the last few months, silver has fantastic fundamentals and he remains bullish on silver long-term. He pointed to the silver to gold ratio being as high as eighty-four. This extreme level has only been seen a few times before. Investors who bought silver when the ratio was at this extreme ended up making double-digit gains. Silver has rallied every time it has hit this level as well, which makes Mr. Badiali extremely confident in the price rising. Other investors are very bullish about silver going forward and believe that higher prices for the metal are surely in the cards. Some financial experts are predicting as high as triple-digit silver soon. Some of the drivers for higher silver going forward are the enormous debt in the financial system and the absurd stock valuations. To know more about him click here.

Matt Badiali feels that the fundamentals for silver have never been better, even with the price action that traders have witnessed in the precious metals over the last few months. Sentiment for silver is horrible, yet Matt Badiali is taking the opposite side of the silver trade and is going long. He says that silver has never been this cheap on a historical level and demand for the metal is going to increase drastically over the next decade.


Jason Hope spreads the news about IoT

October 20, 2018 • divinefuel

Jason Hope is a technology enthusiast, innovator, philanthropist, and an author. He has written an ebook about the internet of things. He is trying as much as possible to teach the people about this new technology that is going to change how we live. IoT, as it is commonly known, will bring some significant changes in the world. From our homes to places of work, life will never be the same. Almost every aspect of life that you can think about will be affected by this new technology. IoT is going to prove significant in the lives of the people significantly as it will be taking some of the tasks that are only possible through human users. Now machines will be in a position to communicate among themselves. Learn more about Jason Hope at Bitsy Link

Jason Hope loves the idea of IoT because he believes it is going to change a lot of things in life. We are no longer going to worry about working in unfavorable condition. In fact, with IoT machines will be used to perform tasks that were not possible to carry out through human users. Jason Hope fell in love with the idea of IoT and believed that it would happen many years ago. While others were doubting about the possibility of the Internet of Things happening, he was sure that it would come true. Now, IoT has happened, and he has been proved true. He is even known as a futurist because of his ability to tell what is happening in the world.

Jason Hope is trying as much as possible to bring awareness about this topic. He believes that the more people understand it, the faster it will happen. He is also using this is a chance to urge business people to align their plans with the coming changes. Anyone who will not conform to the changes will be kicked out of the market. Businesses cannot risk ignoring the power of the IoT. It is going to happen, and once it happens, it will create huge changes in the world.

Jason Hope is from Arizona. He has an MBA from Arizona State University.


Whitney Wolfe Does A Lot for Women

October 18, 2018 • divinefuel

Women who choose to use the online dating industry know things can be difficult to deal with. They also know they have to make the most out of different situations if they want to show other people what will happen when they think about the opportunities that come from the experiences they have. Whitney Wolfe knows this and knows the dating industry can be difficult because she’s been there. She knows things won’t ever get better until someone takes a stand to make a difference for women who struggle with dating. Whitney Wolfe is the person who took the stand and came up with the idea for an app to help women enjoy the dating world without the issues that typically come with it. She made it so women had to be the ones to initiate contact. It results in more meaningful connections for women and less unsolicited issues for other people in those situations. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at

For Whitney Wolfe, the point of making things better is making sure people understand they can get more from different opportunities. Whitney Wolfe knows a lot about giving back and knows Bumble gives women the chances they need to feel confident about themselves. She just wants them to realize they have the ability to do more than what they did in the past. It also makes things easier for them so they don’t have as much to worry about when they’re looking at different options.

No matter how hard Whitney Wolfe works, she believes Bumble is the chance to keep helping more people. She wants women to feel in control. She also wants women to know they have a chance to date without worrying about the issues that come along with app dating. If she can help more people have a clear understanding of what they need to do and how they can connect with men, she knows there is a chance she can do more. It makes sense for her to continue helping other people understand all the opportunities they need to keep getting better. It’s also her goal to keep making things better overall for women.



William Saito: Spearheading Technology

October 17, 2018 • divinefuel

Technology has made life more comfortable. Twenty years ago, depositing a paycheck meant traveling to your brank to interact with the bank teller. This was inconveniencing. However, today, banks realize they are selling more than service. Their package contains experience. Online banking is convenient for clients to transact on-the-go. Many people have contributed to the growth of technology. William Saito is one such individual. In an interview with Inspire, he discusses his career.


Saito’s Profile


William Saito was born in Japan. He is a prominent Japanese American serving as a financial speculator. He’s also served as the adviser to Japan’s legislature. He amassed extensive experience while serving in that capacity. Saito worked as a special advisor for his native land. He served the cabinet secretary. Being an IT specialist, he supported Japan’s complexity to provide cybersecurity services to the population. Saito extended his services to the government.


Venturing in Technology


Saito started a computer security business while in high school. He incorporated the company as I/O Software when he joined the university. I/O Software developed an invaluable system to present Japanese characters in English. Microsoft partnered with I/O Software to adopt modern authentications of I/O Software. Saito sold the firm to Microsoft. He moved to Japan and became a primary venture capitalist investing in various start-ups. In 2011, the World Economic Forum named him a young global leader. After the disaster of Fukushima Daiichi in 2011, William Saito was appointed to provide security to the Department of National Diet. He was the senior officer.




Saito is also a businessman. He owns a series of successful firms in Japan. He is a masterpiece in investment and the development of startups. Having a defined understanding of investing in different businesses, Saito is in a position to empower investors. He supports prospective employers interested in venturing into technology by issuing resources. Saito understands that marketing is a great tool to woo clients to the business. He argues that business professionals should create a good marketing plan to sell products. He also advocates for brand awareness campaigns to educate prospects regarding products.


Saito has invested in more than 20 companies. He is passionate about assisting companies to evolve from the ground by utilizing his expertise. As a venture capitalist, Saito inspires upcoming business people to invest in invaluable niches.

The Development of Fortress Investment Group

October 14, 2018 • divinefuel


Fortress Investment Group LLC is a multi-billion dollar investment firm that was founded in 1998. With nearly $41.4 billion in assets under their control, Fortress Investment Group manages these assets for over 1,750 clients. From real estate investments to private equity investments, Fortress employs a variety of strategies to ensure that their clients achieve the best possible returns. While based in New York City, New York, Fortress Investment Group has several affiliate offices around the world. Since its founding, the company has remained for-profit and privately held.


Fortress Investment Group LLC was founded by Wesley Robert Edens and Randal Alan Nardone. Wesley Robert Edens currently works as the Chief Executive Officer alongside Peter Lionel Briger Jr. Both CEO’s also are co-chairmen within the company. Daniel Neal Bass serves as the company’s Chief Financial Officer while Marc K. Furstein serves as the Fortress’s Managing Director.


Fortress recently provided iPass with $20 million in funding. With $10 million immediately available to the global connectivity company, Gary Griffiths, iPass’s CEO and President, believes that the company will be able to shift its focus more on increasing its revenue.

iPass was able to secure Fortress’s $20 million loan by offering its full patent portfolio and its SmartConnect technology as collateral for the loan. These technologies and patents have allowed iPass to create one of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks. The Wi-Fi network gives customers global access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots on an unlimited number of devices. Due to the lifestyles of many people around the world, having this service is a huge benefit to their lives.


Over the course of its establishment, Fortress has been able to provide its investors with great returns. Between 1999 and 2006, alone, Fortress gave its private investors a near 40% return on their investments. After going public on the New York Stock Exchange on February 9, 2007, Fortress was able to control more than $70 billion in alternative investments. In May of 2017, Fortress completed six rounds of fundraising. By the end of the sixth round, Fortress raised $2.9 billion in capital.

Equities First Holdings Making News for Minding its Clients

October 11, 2018 • divinefuel

Equities First Holdings is known to many people as firm which values the role played by its clients. As such, it has purposed to ensure that all its clients get what they are looking for. The qualifications criteria set by this firm are very flexible hence enabling many clients to get the financial solutions they are looking for. As such, the firm has been instrumental in ensuring that many people have not only achieved their personal finance goals but also their business goals. It is such a big achievement in the world of finance which is characterized by a lot of innovation and competition.