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Month: May 2017

Professional Biography | American Financial Advisor Brad Reifler

May 26, 2017 • divinefuel

The combination of economic trends observation and years of experience in the investment industry is what it takes to become a reputable financial advisor. American investor and licensed financial expert, Brad Reifler knows the road to success has its obstacles and rewards with hard work and perseverance.

His humble beginnings started pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from Bowdoin College. After graduation, he had an interest in investments and founded his own firm, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982. It was just the beginning of his career, for he holds interests in many companies and serves as Director for various corporations.

Brad Reifler founded Reifler Capital Management, in 1992, and sold Reifler Trading eight years later to Refco Incorporation. While working for his firm, he also managed Institutional Sales Desk for Refco, a company specializing in global derivatives, customized investment programs, and foreign exchange.

One of the most successful investment firms he founded is Pali Capital, in 1995. Mr. Reifler served as CEO and retired serving as director on the firm’s Board. Reifler also serves as director in other businesses he has investment interests, including ITG Investment Research, ITG Market Research, and Symmetry Property Development.

According to Barrons, Brad Reifler established Forefront Management Group, in 2009, along with subsidiaries, Forefront Advisory, Capital Management, and Capital Markets. His investment banking and investment management firm offers services to institutions, influential individuals, and middle class investors.

After the mortgage trouble, in 2007, leading to the 2008 financial disaster, Brad developed an investment alternative fund, Forefront Income Trust. The fund offers non-accredited investors the opportunity to investments.

Brad Reifler has pursued other business ventures and served on the advisory board and board of directors at European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, and Foresight Research Solutions. He continues to seek investment opportunities while advising investors, start-ups, small to large corporations, and institutions.

Mr. Reifer is also very much involved in his community serving as trustee for Millbrook School. He donated $3 million to the Easter Seals Dixon Center. Brad faithfully supports causes for education, and veterans and their families.

How to Increase Product Awareness and Brand Mentions Using Paid Podcast Adverts

May 9, 2017 • divinefuel

Brands spend millions and millions of dollars on marketing each given financial cycle. In as much as it pains them to chuck out the vast sums of money to support the marketing strategies, it is unavoidable. Marketing is often a very murky realm, at least when it comes to accurately measuring and quantifying the outcomes.

Investors feel more assured and confident deploying marketing tactics which have been scientifically researched and proven to be both, effective and cost-friendly. Here’s how you can capitalize on this interesting marketing approach which targets podcast listeners.

Scaling Up Advertising

Podcasts have been around for quite a while now and they’ve continued to attract a peculiar target. The folks who subscribe to podcasts are often of a particular age set. These millennials have been shown to be very receptive to the message relayed to them on their podcasts.

Today, the web is oozing with these audio websites and some of them have a massive following exceeding a million strong at times. What started out as a wild hypothesis by some industry insiders was eventually proven thanks to the partnership efforts of Edison Research Group and PodCastOne.

According to Bloomberg, PodcastOne is owned by the media billionaire and legendary visionary, Norman Pattiz. It funded the survey which took a month and a half to complete. Norman’s firm has in recent decades embarked on an ambitious plan to reinvent its business model PodcastOne has strived to look more towards going online.

The company now produces hundreds of independent production films, programs and other feature presentations on a weekly basis. Therefore, this research meant a lot to them and their strategies, moving forward.

Impressive Results

The research findings made it crystal clear that the use of podcasts paid adverts was a sure win for you and your brand. The study exposed the participants to products in a wide plethora of categories. The main entries included automotive products, groceries, financial services and products.

As already hinted, marketing is a broad, traverse endeavor which requires multiple aspects all coming together to achieve positive returns. To improve your brand’s recognition chances with consumers, it’s probably best if you tried podcast advertising.

About Norman Pattiz

Pattiz is the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group. He served as the company’s CEO in 2010. The previous year, 2009, had just witnessed the radio station owner, Norman gets honored with two coveted awards and mentions.

These were the National Radio Hall of Fame naming him as a farmer and receiving the Giants of Broadcasting Award issued by the Library of American Broadcasting. Norman is now retired and spends his golden days with the lovely wife, Mrs. Mary Turner at their beautiful Beverly Hills mansion.

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End Citizen Raises Money for Midterm Elections

May 4, 2017 • divinefuel

End Citizens United is among the most powerful action committee in the US. The group was established recently, and it has already accomplished a lot. The main aim of the organization is to drive away big monies in politics in the US. Not long ago, End Citizen announced to its supporters that it was going to raise some money for its causes.


End Citizen United has been doing well in this agenda, and it leaders have now announced that the team has raised more than four million dollars. A report published in the USA TODAY indicates that the amount was raised just three months ago. The group is planning to attain 35 million dollars. The amount should be collected before the midterm elections that are expected to happen in the country in the year 2018. End Citizen United is believed to have started its special operations in 2016 during the presidential elections. The leaders of the institution say that during the last campaign, it had more than 25 million for its many operations.


Tiffany Muller currently serves as the chief executive and also the president of the PAC. In an interview, Muller says that a group of 100 people decided to make their contributions in End Citizen United early 2017. According to her, forty thousand people were giving the contributions to the group for the first time. Tiffany says that her team wants to make sure that the individuals elected in the country will bring campaign finance reforms. Most of these people will represent the team in the Congress.


Tiffany Muller has also said that most of the individuals were giving an average contribution of twelve dollars each, and this is a positive sign for the group. The donors feel that the system used in the United States has failed terribly, and it should be changed. The donors also believe that the people who can chunk massive amounts of money always have a say when it comes to the presidential campaigns in the US. The individuals donating their cash understand that the best way to fight these big and wealthy donors is to fight back by nominating the right candidates who will be representing them.


End Citizen United mostly supports Democratic candidates in their campaigns. This means that the group was furious when Donald Trump won the presidential election in November. The team has now decided to fight and reject all the agendas of the powerful president and his nominees. The Supreme Court judge nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is one of the people who are experiencing a lot of criticism from the group. The group is now urging all its supporters to come out in large numbers and donate so that it can accomplish its missions.

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