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Month: June 2017

Mike Baur; the Swiss father of ICT Innovation.

June 26, 2017 • divinefuel

Mike Baur is simply the most notable Swiss entrepreneur among all those that Switzerland has to offer. He is particularly an investor who is heavily invested in developing and accentuating the Information and Communication Technology Sector of his home country. Furthermore, the business phenom is also a sharp businessperson with an uncanny commitment to fostering progressive minds like his to phenomenal growth. The man, esteemed for his discipline and immaculate connection, owes it all to his working experience as a banker, hard work, and a spirit of progression.

Mike Baur was a banker. He excelled in his private banking career because he had been well prepared for it. He had studied hard in his formative years and during his undergraduate course. During his working years as a banker, Mike also pursued a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Rochester. He was successful at that as he was successful in pleasing the University of Berne which came to award him with an executive MBA. However, such an immense wealth of knowledge and skill was yet to satisfy Mr. Baur. He continued to seek investment insights from his clients and colleagues, from whom he learned a great deal.

During his private banking employment, Mike had been able to save up plenty of money for capital. Additionally, he had come across wealthy third generational youths who did not use their wealth to improve themselves or their country. Mike felt the need to instill in them some work ethic to give them purpose. He exploited the network he had acquired of willing investors and buyers in need of innovative ICT technologies when he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory is the leading Swiss ICT startup accelerator. Unlike other accelerators, the factory is privately financed. Privately financed accelerators enjoy flexibility due to the absence of timid stakeholders. They also enjoy efficient decision making. For a fair amount of equity, the Swiss Startup Factory offers the startup companies

  • coaching,
  • mentoring,
  • provision of office space,
  • networking
  • and financing.

Mike Baur particular plays the role of mentorship and financing in the manufacture of the startup companies. During the foundation of the factory, he was responsible for its

  • Inspiration
  • Financial organization and constitution
  • Networking
  • And Financing
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Whitney Wolfe Reaches A Young Crowd Of Millennial Singles

June 16, 2017 • divinefuel

Whitney Wolfe is setting the stage for young adults to find their perfect match, whether it is a soulmate or a friend, through the company that she created called Bumble. She started with a dating app, but this young female entrepreneur has proven that Bumble is a company that has more in store than dating.

The buzz right now for Bumble is about the Bumble BFF app. This is something that allows people to make friends that will have no strings attached in concerns to dating. This is definitely something that if needed in social media because there are so many sites that have an ambiguous platform. There are apps like MeetMe that do not define whether it is a dating or a friendship app. Many people go on there and build profiles and they are trying to date even though other parties that are involved may not want to date.

The great thing about utilizing an app like Bumble is that this company is something that allows people to swipe away those that they may not be interested in building a relationship or friendship with. Once this is done they never have to worry about being contacted by this person again. This is something that Whitney Wolfe has implemented, and it has been doing quite well so far.

More than a hundred million matches have been made in combination with her Bumble dating and Bumble BFF apps. This is a clear sign that she was moving in the right direction when she created this world of social media apps for the new young millennial crowd.

There are some older people that are still convinced that they will find love through eHarmony or Match dating apps, but the young millennials have taken a chance and made a decision to give new apps like the one that Whitney Wolfe created a chance to help them expand their circle of friends.

For more information about Whitney Wolfe, just click here.

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The Real Estate System Devoloped By Nick Vertucci That Made Him A Millionaire

June 15, 2017 • divinefuel

Nick Vertucci believes that whatever you have done in the past does not control your future. Although he did not grow up well off, he was well provided for and had a loving family. His mother had to work a lot of hours to support her family and he was often asleep when she came home. At the age of eighteen he lived out of his van and was at a low point in his life.

Nick Vertucci changed his own luck when he started a business and began selling parts for computers. He enjoyed the freedom that came with being his own boss and this is when he married and had three daughters.

Unfortunately he lost just about everything with the exception of his home. A friend of his invited him to attend a three day training seminar in real estate as his guest during this critical time on He really didn’t want to spend his entire weekend at the seminar and was apprehensive as well. His friend insisted the seminar was worth listening to and when Nick Vertucci looks back he knows agreeing to attend the seminar was the best decision he ever made.

Nick Vertucci really listened to the speaker and although he didn’t understand everything he soaked in the information. He felt something click into place and was certain he had found the way to get out of his financial debt according to He felt inspired, renewed and more than ready to proceed. He started to study, train, and absorb all the knowledge he could regarding real estate. He learned along the way and ten years later he had all the information he needed to become a success.

Nick Vertucci developed his own real estate system that was both simple and straightforward and gave him the ability to make money in real estate. Once he became a millionaire and knew he had made it he wanted to teach his system to others. He wanted to show them how to make staggering amounts of money, get out of debt and transform their finances for once and for all. He realized that although most people do have the drive and the desire they lack the know how. This is what makes him invaluable at

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