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Month: November 2017

The Eminent Gregory Aziz

November 30, 2017 • divinefuel

The National Steel Car has been rated as the best company in the United States of America. The company has been ranked as the best in tank and rail road manufacturing industry. Greg Aziz Chief Executive Officer of the company contains hundreds of years’ experience in the manufacturing and engineering sector. The customers of the company have propelled the company to greatness in that they have constantly used their services.


The National Steel Company has been diverse in its activities. The management and the staff of the company have come up with innovative ideas to develop the company. The customers who are dynamic in nature have ensured that the company continues to exist. They have provided excellent support to the individuals. The shareholders in the company have encouraged the concerned individuals in the company to be self-driven in their work. Visit This Web Page for more.



The management of the National Steel Company has raised their expectations so that they are able to offer quality results. The individuals have constantly purposed in providing the best services to their customers. This virtue has enabled them customers to trust them always. The staff of the company has always kept time in delivering the cars to their customers. The cars delivered usually are of great performance.


The company has over the years demonstrated its success through the numerous awards that they have been awarded. The TTX SECO Awards were awarded to the management while it was also ISO certified enabling the company to be the only one in the North America to receive the award. The stakeholders and the suppliers of the company have worked tirelessly to ensure they post great results.



Gregory James Aziz is the president of the company. Greg Aziz has instilled great values in the management and staff of the company where they have to respect their past traditions. James Aziz has poised the company to always win regardless of the success they have achieved before. The Hamilton is the place where the company is located. Under the leadership of James Aziz, the company has supported many local charities.



The Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, The United Way, and the Theatre Aquarius are some of the organizations that the company has sponsored. The company has been the leader in the manufacture of new cars that have taken over the industry. The company has over the years valued its team since it has demonstrated dynamic leadership that has helped the company. The individuals are greatly valued by the company.

Gregory Aziz’s Contribution In Making National Steel Car A Leading Brand

November 29, 2017 • divinefuel

To remodel a company that has been in operation for over a decade is not an easy job. And more so to maintain and improve the quality of goods produced while creating a better relationship with customers and employees.


National Steel Car was started back in 1912; it has gone through several transitions since then. The most significant transition happened in 1994 when the legendary Greg J. Aziz took over the leadership of the company.



Gregory James Aziz’s Work Experience


After graduation, James worked in his family business for a short while. During his time at the wholesale food distributor chain, the business grew significantly. The company Affiliated Foods specialized in the distribution of fresh foods to America and the eastern side of Canada. The fresh foods came from all over the globe including Europe and South America.


Greg later went to New York City where he worked as an investment banker in the late 1980s and early 1990.


Today, Greg Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car, a company that has enjoyed the status of being regional leader of freight car manufacturing for over a decade since Greg took office in 1994. Gregory James is a very determined man and does not rely on past success. He continually remodels the company to meet the new demands of the industry. When he took over National Steel Carfrom Dofasco, his primary goal was to tap into the vast human resource pool that was unutilized and to improve technology to benefit the clients and the company as well.

Under his leadership, National Steel Car grew from an employer of about 600 people to over 300 and started manufacturing 12,000 cars per year up from the 3500 cars which it used to produce at the time when James Aziz took it over. The success of National Steel Caris attributed to Greg ability to work with his employees as a team to meet the changing demands of the esteemed customers. The company pays attention to what the clients want and acts on their requests.


Gregory James went to Ridley College and later joined University of Western Ontario for Economic degree. His visionary and practical skills when managing National Steel Car have made the company the only railcar manufacturer to be ISO Certified ISO 9001:2008. in North America. The company has also received the TTX SECO award consecutively for 13 years. Read This Page to learn more.


Gregory Aziz is a great philanthropist. Through his company and together with his Wife Irene, he has contributed to Hamilton Opera, The United Way, and Theatre Aquarius among other charities.

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The Trabuco Takes Over European Warfare In The Middle Ages

November 28, 2017 • divinefuel

The Middle Ages are often seen as a time when the people of the Europe saw their use of technology stall as not many advances were made in terms of warfare and general life.

However, the European took a piece of ancient Chinese technology and developed it long before gunpowder was brought to Europe and created one of the most destructive weapons ever produced in the Trabuco; this piece of European siege weaponry was initially developed by Chinese generals but came into common use in the Middle Ages across Europe when boulders of up to 200 pounds were thrown at the walls of cities under siege on

As a weapon, the Trabuco uses the basic principles of science including the lever providing more force to throw an object when the opposite end of the Trabuco arm contains a weight which is pulled tight before being released to create the power to throw an object hundreds of yards. At the other end of the arm is a piece of material stretched to hold a rock or boulder which is thrown into the air towards a walled city during a siege. The central portion of the Trabuco is the fulcrum across which the arm is pulled tight and released to provide movement and thrust.


Upon its first invention in China around 300 B.C., the first Trabuco required a large number of men to propel the arm and generate the power needed to throw a large stone across the battlefield. The initial Chinese design according to was updated and improved upon by European generals and engineers who introduced the counterweight to the Trabuco which would make it more consistently effective as a weapon to be used when a siege was in place; a range of missiles were used with the Trabuco to cause the maximum amount of damage and panic across a besieged city including stones, sharp wooden stakes, and firebrands. By the time the Trabuco reached its peak period of use in the 13th-century around 2,000 weapons could be launched from the Trabuco each day.

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Bob Reina, CEO OF Talk Fusion offers Tips on Effective Video Marketing

November 15, 2017 • divinefuel

Talk Fusion, based in Florida, is a global leader in the provision of video marketing solutions. Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, established the all-in-one stop for video marketing services in 2007. The firm creates a platform with various ways of marketing that are more engaging and persuasive and guarantee results.


Talk Fusion has shown commitment to assisting businesses to withstand competition by being innovative in marketing and increasing sales and profits. The firm’s services are marketed from person to person and provided by independent associates in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion allows consumers a 30-day free trial period for them to try out the product before considering a purchase. The firm, as well as the CEO, is also passionate about giving back to the community by donating to various charity organizations globally. Reina boasts of over 25 years of experience in video marketing and direct sales.


In April 2017, news provider, The Huffington Post changed the name to HuffPost. Mr. Bob Reina published new articles coinciding with the rebranding of the news provider. Reina has, however, been a contributor to the HuffPost since August 2006. During this period, he has offered insight into the trends in the video marketing industry while also helping individuals with entrepreneurial, self-development and lifestyle skills possibly reaching HuffPost’s over 200 million readers.


Reina insists on the essence of understanding your audience to deliver your message to the right group. One needs to research the target market to develop focused marketing campaigns. Focus on the problems that your product aims to solve and market the product with the fictionalized buyer in mind. This will resonate with many potential buyers rather than addressing all buyers in general.


Research on your competition to know what they are doing differently and whether they are excelling or not. You can also check on social media to identify the likes and preferences of customers. Analytics tools can also be of great help in determining what works best and what customers like. Researching your market and learning the tiny details will enable you to know how to relay your content when marketing and even which words to use. Learn more:


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Michael Lacey Continues To Make Great Contributions To The World Of Mathematics

November 8, 2017 • divinefuel

Michael Lacey is an American born mathematician with an impressive record of accomplishment. Lacey has contributed greatly to the mathematics world and has been deservedly recognized for many of these accomplishments.

Michael Lacey was born September 26, 1959. After high school, Lacey would go on to study at the University of Texas where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1981. Six years later Lacey received Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Walter Phillip is credited with directing Lacey’s studies. Lacey’s thesis was in the area of probability in Banach spaces. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Michael Lacey began his post-graduate work at Louisiana State University. Lacey next worked at the University of North Carolina where he and Phillip teamed up to give their proof on the central limit theorem. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Lacey took a position at Indiana University in 1989 and remained with the school until 1996. While at Indiana University Lacey received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. During this fellowship, Lacey studied bilinear Hilbert transform.

Michael Lacey partnered with Christopher Thiele in 1996 to solve a conjecture presented by Alberto Calderon and was awarded the Prix Salem Prize for his efforts. The Prix Salem Prize is considered to be one of the most prestigious accomplishments in the mathematics community.

Lacey accepted a position as Professor of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996. In 2004 Lacey was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for work he performed in partnership with Xiaochun Li.In 2012, Michael Lacey was named a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

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