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Month: August 2018

Betsy DeVos Ponders Everything

August 30, 2018 • divinefuel

Betsy DeVos has a pretty straightforward mind. That doesn’t mean that her mind is common in any manner, however. DeVos has been thinking outside the box now for years and even decades. She started thinking in an innovative and fresh way long before she earned the title of “Secretary of Education” for President Donald Trump’s team. DeVos went to school with many driven students as Elisabeth Prince. This was during the seventies. Although the world was extremely different then, there were certain things that were the same. Politics already were a massive focal point in the United States. That’s precisely why DeVos committed so much time to political subjects. DeVos was tackling all kinds of political topics effectively at Michigan’s Calvin College.


This American educational secretary realizes that she’s fortunate. That’s the reason she never complains about her circumstances. She takes her energy and uses it as fuel that can help her assist other human beings. She frequently assists them through a charity group that’s named the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. DeVos naturally set that group up with the help of Dick, her unforgettable husband. Dick and Betsy brought the organization to the public in the eighties. They haven’t forsaken it, either. Their organization donations are frequent.


There are many people all around the world who are reluctant to let other individuals know how they feel. People often have personalities that are somewhat reticent. DeVos isn’t part of this group at all. Individuals should note, though, that DeVos is sensitive enough to realize that there is a time and a place for certain things. She doesn’t always communicate her deepest feelings and thoughts. She likes to do what she can to project a feeling of control and poise. President Trump likely chose her to manage Education Secretary tasks due to her measured temperament. She has a demeanor that’s never frenetic. She has a demeanor that’s consistently serene.


There are so many topics in this world that captivate DeVos. She thinks in striking detail about how the school system in the United States needs educational choice. She thinks carefully about educational vouchers and how they can assist certain American households. She thinks regularly about charter schools and all of the advantages they can introduce to many kids. DeVos likes to ponder all of her options any time she can. She doesn’t ever like to embrace limitations for a second.


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OSI Industries – Leading Supplier of Processed Meat Products Worldwide

August 21, 2018 • divinefuel

In the food processing industry, the competition has been growing at a rapid pace in the last few years. However, one company that has not lost its top position even in this competitive niche is OSI Industries. Established in the year 1909 as Otto and Sons, the company has come of age in the last few decades, especially after Sheldon Lavin was named its CEO and Chairman. Sheldon Lavin belonged to the financial world before joining the food industry, but he took over its leadership because he realized that the company has a lot of untapped potential. He knew from the very beginning that OSI Group has the potential to reach new heights of success and believed that his guidance can help the company get the direction it is looking for.

OSI Industries provides processed meat products like sausages, beef patties, and more. Recently, the company has also started producing vegetable products for its clients. Constant innovation and addition to its product line have helped the company to remain as the preferred supplier of some of the largest fast food chains in the world, including McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Dominos, and others. The good thing about the products of the company is its consistency. OSI Industries is known not to tolerate any compromise with quality and has some of the most strict quality checks in the industry. One of the reasons why the company has been able to reach so many milestones in the last few years is the leadership of Sheldon Lavin.

He understands that with time, the company has to adopt new techniques and processes to stay ahead. Sheldon Lavin materialized investments of millions of dollars to ensure that the company’s production continues to increase and meet the demands of its clients without any delay or compromise in quality. OSI Industries has the workforce of more than 20,000 employees worldwide, and it continues to grow with time. OSI Group’s growth can also be attributed to the success of McDonald’s as a fast food chain because its growth is what helped the OSI Group to grow in size and revenue over the years. Being McDonalds’ primary supplier of meat products helped the company get the revenue that fuelled its growth and expansion.

Paul Mampilly’s two cents on the emerging stock market trends and amateur trader mistakes

August 19, 2018 • divinefuel

Ever since he completed his studies at Fordham University and walked away with his MBA, Paul Mampilly has been an influential figure in the finance arena thanks to his sheer uniqueness in doing things and vast knowledge. He boasts a rich resume and the fact that he became an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust after immediately after earning his MBA, helped lay an incredible foundation for his career because since then, his has been a journey of success after success.

Paul Mampilly is an invaluable asset in Wall Street and the entire business arena as well, because every firm he has ever had his hands on, boasts monumental success today thanks to his involvement. For instance, while working as a hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset Management, Paul helped propel the company to unbeatable heights after he increased its fund to a whopping $25 billion and increased its yearly returns by 26%. This resulted to it being named the World’s best hedge fund by Barron’s. He is also a Templeton’s foundation award winner as he helped turn $50 million into $88 million during the 2008-2009 recession period, using his extensive skills and knowledge.

It is thanks to all this and many other achievements that Eric Dye, a famous show host and podcast producer recently invited him to one of his podcasts, where the two discussed different aspects of the stock market. Paul Mampilly gave insight on how the stock market today is different from the market people knew ten years ago. For instance, he cited that today, investors prefer ” Exchange Traded Funds” commonly known as ETF’s over Mutual funds and are utilizing them more than they did two decades ago. He also cited that most investors nowadays are using similar investment tools, a factor that places the average investor at a deprived position.

Mr. Mampilly also went on ahead to give examples of the costly errors that most amateur traders make while making their first trades. Some of these according to the Guru include; investing too much money into one stock instead of diversifying their portfolio thus resulting in massive losses when that particular stock crashes. Paul Mampilly went ahead to add that the right time to buy shares is when things are not going so well in the market because then, the prices are often at their lowest yet, amateur buyers tend to make the mistake of doing the exact opposite.

Besides the changing market trends and errors that traders make, Paul Mampilly went on ahead to reveal that even though most people deem him as the perfect role model, there are individuals whose levels of success he admires and one of them is owner and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk.

NGP VAN Promotes Equality Through Political Campaigns

August 13, 2018 • divinefuel

Canvassing may seem old-fashioned in the digital age that we live in but it is still an important tool in any campaign according to the makers of NGP VAN. NGP VAN provides software solutions to assist Democratic and progressive campaigns to gather and analyze data and has been used in many of the larger campaigns since 2008. While social media has changed campaigns and social advocacy in many considerable ways NGP VAN believes canvassing door-to-door is still one of the most important tools that can possibly be utilized.


Canvassing is a way to be able to discuss political and social issues that are affecting communities with potential voters in a personal way that will leave an impression. NGP VAN expresses the importance of making sure that voters don’t just feel talked to like they are watching a political ad on TV. When speaking to them they should know that their input is not only welcome but encouraged as well.

By using the tools available from NGP VAN canvassing routes can be created in an effective manner that takes into account the needs and preferences of those who are doing the canvassing. There are different considerations such as if the volunteers for the campaign have access to a vehicle and which areas they are willing to work and when. By keeping track of these variables in the way that NGP VAN does it makes it possible to cover more area and also ensure that homes don’t get repeat visits.

Many people may feel like they don’t have much power when it comes to participating in the democratic process but NGP VAN aims to help ease these fears. Getting involved in politics personally can be as easy as contacting your local campaign headquarters and asking how you can help or even just taking the surveys that can be found online. Women and those involved in the LGBT community are especially urged to participate as there are many issues happening during the current administration that are impacting their lives more than others. Achieving equality is becoming more important to fight for and NGP VAN recognizes the potential impact of politics.


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Business Tips from Robert Deignan

August 3, 2018 • divinefuel

Millions of people are interested in starting a company. Robert Deignan is a successful entrepreneur who founded ATS Digital Services. Although he is a prominent business owner, he still takes time to teach people the basics of starting a business. After graduating from Purdue University, Robert worked multiple jobs before founding a company.

His first business idea was a failure. Although he worked hard, his company was not financially viable. He learned valuable lessons through this failure. Robert firmly believes that failure is an excellent way for new business owners to learn.

ATS Digital Services

Robert founded ATS Digital Services many years ago. The company offers multiple phone and internet plans for customers to choose from. Customer service is a critical aspect of the culture at ATS Digital Services. Robert wanted to operate a company that treated customers with respect. He only hires people who are passionate about helping customers with their problems.

Financial Capital

One of the most significant hurdles that new business owners face is having enough capital to get started. Some people have a business plan that requires a massive capital investment. Others have to borrow money to get started. Although borrowing money is not always a bad thing, some business owners end up deeply in debt. Robert recommends that people begin a company with as little debt as possible. Avoiding debt can reduce the overall risk of starting a company.

Hiring Employees

Robert did not hire his first employee until his company was financially successful. He teaches new business owners to spend a long time looking for employees. Some business owners hire the first person who applies for a position. Quickly hiring an employee is the wrong approach for anyone who wants to manage a sustainable company.

Future Goals

Robert has various goals for the future of his business. He believes that his company will continue thriving in the future. He is looking at different acquisition options in his industry. Buying a smaller company is an excellent way for his company to grow.

OSI Industries: Form a Butcher Shop to Meat Market of the World

August 2, 2018 • divinefuel

OSI Industries is a global leader in the protein generation and supply sector serving foodservice distribution and restaurant industry supply chains all over the world. The company has recently celebrated a century of success, growth, and innovation and in in the middle of a historical expansion period, which will further increase its market presence and customer reach. The company operates 65 facilities in 17 countries with more facilities and further expansion into new international markets planned over the next five years. Directly OSI Industries employees more than 20,000 people with a few thousand more employed indirectly at its own upstream supply chain providers and its relationship dependent business partners. The OSI Industries of today has come a long way from its humble roots and is now the primary corporate entity in its sector.OSI started out as a simple one-man operation. Otto Kolschowsky opened a small corner butcher shop, not unlike thousands of others just like it in small urban neighborhood in major cities around the country at the turn of the 20th century.

For Otto, however, it was the truest embodiment of the old adage of being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing that would lead to his shop growing into the multi-billion dollars annual revue generating international conglomerate that it is today. In Chicago at the in early 1900’s the meat packing and butchering industry was king, and being the latest member of a long line of butchering men in the Kolschowsky line, Otto had the kills to take advantage. His reputation grew quickly and so did his business, being expanded several times and even having to reorganize to include wholesale division. When his sons joined him a rebranding took place and Otto’s Meats became Otto & Sons. This was still not the greatest advancement to the business that was to be, that would come from someone else entirely, a clown in fact. Around the same time that Otto & Sons was enjoying its highest point thus far of its success, the franchise burger stand craze was sweeping the country. The forerunner of that tidal wave of burgers, fries, shakes, and malts was undeniable McDonalds.

Roy Kroc’s little burger stand had grown into a cultural phenomenon, and as they opened more and more restaurant, welcoming an ever-expanding system of franchise owners into the McDonalds family, they needed protein suppliers of the highest quality in the local regional markets. IN the upper Midwest that meant Otto & Sons. After a successful relationship of more than 25 years Otto & Sons, now known as OSI Industries found themselves being in the enviable position of occupying the slot of sole protein provider to the McDonalds restaurant system in more than 80% of its global markets. This led other food service providers to want to enjoy the same level of quality and service that McDonald’s had long been the recipient of and once again OSI started to grow. Today the company that started out as a one-man operation, run by an immigrant trying to make a living for his family and live the American dream, is the foremost innovator and most recognizable entity in the protein source sector. With new products, new operational methods, and more expansion on the horizon, it’s is certain that OSI has positioned itself to be the world’s meat market for many more generations to come.