About Chad Price

Chad Price is the CEO of Mako Medical as well as the Founder of MakoRX and Co-Founder of BrideGenie. Price’s strategic plan also includes a focus on bringing cutting-edge technology and personnel to the table, which is why he is also hiring military veterans to work in his new laboratory. According to his strategic plan, Mako Medical will be focusing on the development of its own proprietary technology, focusing on providing its customers with a highly customized, tailored nutrition experience through a direct-to-consumer portal. One of the ways that the company intends to achieve this is by focusing on the production of its own proprietary formulations, which it hopes will give its customers a more personalized healthcare experience. According to Chad Price, this is just one of the many breakthroughs that the company is expecting as it continues to expand and grow. The direct-to-consumer nature of the portal is another innovation that Price hopes will attract more customers to its website and increase its revenue.

To date, Price has received invaluable feedback from the people who have used his product and have had positive things to say about their experiences with the product. This feedback has also helped the company’s scientists make the correct decisions when it comes to developing its own product formula and brand identity. In fact, several studies have shown that both former soldiers and healthcare professionals have been highly impressed with the high level of quality care and attention that Price provides his customers, both through his direct-to-consumer portal and his personal treatment center. While the overall success of the company’s direct-to-consumer products is still in question, Chad Price’s focus on providing personalized healthcare services is a step in the right direction for his business and has already raked in quite a large number of satisfied customers.