Alejandro Betancourt Leads Hawkers to Success

The success that Hawkers has become is not something the company always enjoyed. At first, the company’s business involved selling a variety of second-hand merchandise online. When the business did not do well, the founders decided to try 300 dollars on a different venture, reselling sunglasses online.

The beginning of sunglass business

The sunglasses business was inspired by one of the four founders, Pablo Lozano. Pablo returned to Spain with a pair of knockaround sunglasses, which together with the other three founders, Alejandro, David Moreno, and Iñaki Soriano, they decided to try reselling online. The start-up number of sunglasses was 27 in number, and it is these sunglasses started the entry into the fashion industry. The online success eventually bore fruit, allowing the company to become an official distributor for knockaround.

Independent entrepreneurship venture

Even with success enjoyed by being the distributor for Knockaround, the founders still wanted an independent venture. Therefore, they started their sunglasses brand to provide products that would compete with renowned brands like Prada at pocket-friendly prices. Because of selling quality and affordable sunglasses, the company was soon a success through selling sunglasses online.

The arrival of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

While Hawkers had a share of its successes, in 2016, the company experienced a financial low. The company was growing rapidly, and the founders could not manage to keep up. As much as the sales were high, expenditure exceeded the revenue collected monthly. Having a background in Business Administration and experience leading various companies made Alejandro Betancourt Lopez the angel investor that it needed.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, who was born in South America but studied at Suffolk University, Massachusetts, had spent his career time as a leader heading energy companies in Africa, Latin America, and several other places across the world. He came into the company with a mindset he has always held onto dear, never stop trying. With an investment of $56 million into Hawkers, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was determined to make the company rise again. For details: