An Efficient Ecommerce Solution For Inventory Management and Direct Selling

A QNET eCommerce Platform is an extensive online system that offers all the functions required for running eCommerce sites, which is provided by QNET. The system comes with a full-featured content management system (CMS), which enables you to manage many stores, sub-stores, and categories simultaneously. With the CMS, it is easy to update the product information of the items on the website, as well as adding and editing products. It also allows users to add and edit their payment settings, revise shipping rates, and perform product searches. A merchant has the flexibility to run his business in a hassle-free manner with these features.

The software comes with several add-on features, which enable you to efficiently manage your inventory, sales, customer service, and payment settings. The software has several powerful report modules that enable business owners to obtain important statistics related to the running of their business.

It provides a comprehensive view of the current profit and loss situation, the average number of transactions per day, average, total sales per day, etc. In addition, the QNET platform provides a dynamic panel view of the entire system with a click of a button. Business owners can easily monitor the performance of their business by setting specific goals for various aspects such as product inventory management, order entry, customer service, etc.

The best thing about the QNET eCommerce software is that it is an affordable software solution for eCommerce software systems. This eCommerce platform is designed to seamlessly work with any type of eCommerce software, whether it is a traditional or new-age vendor-driven model.

The system not only helps in the automation of the tasks involved in managing an eCommerce site but also reduces operational costs. As this eCommerce software is web-based, it allows a user to access inventory management and direct selling from any part of the world. As it does not contain any inventory management features, it can be used to replace existing inventory management applications.Refer to this channel on YouTube, for related information.


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