An Online Course by Kim Anami on Re-Learning Everything about Female Sexuality

Kim Anami is a sex and relationship coach, speaker and writer based in Australia. She has a website,, that offers online sex education and a YouTube Channel that offers various courses and videos throughout the year for men, women, and couples. The preceding founder of the genre of Relationship Coaching and Holistic Sex, who led women in a movement to regain their sexual power globally, announced that her online e-course is open for registration. 

The course shows women how to tap into the pleasure and power of their sexual energy by clearing blocks and providing them with innovative methods they can use for life. The 8-week online course will have the participants guided weekly in deep and wide learning and re-learning of everything female sexuality related. The major theme for the whole class is learning to let go and tapping into and appreciating the feminine power source. After discovering how to clear blocks to ultimately live in your sexual pleasure and powers as a woman, you will be ready for an exhaustive course that covers the following topics. 

  • Self-pleasuring
  • Orgasmapedia
  • Taoist techniques
  • The Ultimate seductress
  • Increasing polarity and chemistry, and so much more

Additionally, there will be pre-recorded videos, followed by live, interactive question-and-answer calls, and members will be given access to a private area for members only. In this course, the participants will be given assignments that help flex their sexual muscles. Kim Anami describes the course as a live-in-a-female-body education that one has never had but did not they needed. It is created for women from around the world to attend who want to improve their sexual IQ and be masters of their sexuality.

Kim’s work is a spiritual synthesis of more than twenty years of philosophy, Taoism, Tantra, Transpersonal psychology and a host of considerable advance growth practices she uses to take her clients to higher atmospheres of energy, intimacy, creativity and connection. Her reflections on love and life have been published in Playboy, Women’s Health, GQ, The Sunday Times, InStyle, O magazine, Elle and national television and talk shows like NPR, CNN and E! Network.