Attorney Juan Monteverde Build a Legacy in Securities Field

Attorney Juan Monteverde is a well-known national class attorney. He is the founder and managing partner of Monteverde & Associates PC. The complex firm deals with issues that are important to consumers and investors. It represents shareholders who may have suffered financial damages from misleading advertising or corporate fraud. The firm is highly successful and has had several of its cases applied in higher levels, including the Supreme Court.

When Juan Monteverde attended the California State University, Northridge, he was sure he wanted a degree in finance for his undergraduate studies. Juan was interested in financial markets and how they helped shape the global economies. Though he graduated from the school with a B.S in Finance, it’s during his time in the school that he changed his mind about his career path.

The shift came about after acquiring a part-time job in a law firm. Though Juan Monteverde took the job for financial benefits, he found the firm’s work fascinating. His love for the field came to full force when he got the chance to sit through a two-week-long trial. Juan was impressed after he witnessed how a lawyer could assist in rectifying an injustice. After this event, what was supposed to be a part-time job became a critical stepping stone to a successful career.

Juan Monteverde started his career in law as a defense lawyer in a firm that focused on civil litigation. Though Juan did well in the position, he decided that it was not the best area. He ventured into the securities field, representing victims of securities fraud and consumers’ fraud. He was excellent in the securities field, maybe because of his previous interest in finance.

Juan Monteverde has decades of practical experience as a securities attorney. With an extensive background in securities, he founded a firm that has built a legacy in the area by getting favorable outcomes for their clients through legal actions.

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