ShakeologyNo Gym Membership Required: Beachbody’s Fit and Fabulous Path to Home Fitness

Going to the gym is certainly not for everyone. For some, it’s too expensive. For others, it’s inconvenient or intimidating. And some people want to stay away from all that sweat and all those germs, especially during flu season.

What Beachbody does brilliantly is turn living rooms, basements, and garages into gyms. Its massive workout video library is full of exciting routines, and they get results.

This company also connects customers to coaches, real-life fitness authorities. These friendly folks teach exercises, answer questions, and get people motivated.

Believe it or not, these wellness programs were developed by someone who often found reasons to avoid exercise. As a young man, Carl Daikeler never liked working out or eating right. Nevertheless, Carl, a onetime television sports producer, launched this company in 1998 with fellow entrepreneur Jon Congdon.

Throughout the 1990s, Carl thought about his aversion to fitness and figured out what would make exercise appealing to him. As it turned out, those qualities also appealed to millions of other people. The brand’s annual revenue now exceeds $1 billion.

Today, Beachbody has workout collections for every fitness level and body type, including famous names like 21 Day Fix, Insanity, Body Beast, and P90X. It also sells clothing and other gear. It even offers muscle enhancements.


The company’s meal replacements include Shakeology shakes, which are satisfying and scrumptious. Each of these drinks contains superfoods from highly reputable vendors around the world. Shakeology’s experts carefully blend those ingredients to create powerful sources of nutrients and safe appetite suppressants.

Carl Daikeler may not have anticipated the success that Beachbody became. But his basic philosophy has never changed. His goal is to empower customers to reach their own goals. And, whether you’re seeking weight loss, a more toned physique, a better night’s sleep, or another fitness-related breakthrough, his company has a fun way to help you achieve it.