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Top Professional Organization for Architects and its Leadership

October 27, 2018 • divinefuel

Joining a professional organization is one of the most beneficial things that one can do during their career. In the architecture field, it is no different. For architects who are looking to enhance their careers, they will benefit by joining professional organizations such as the American Institute of Architects. This organization is one of the leading entities when it comes to professional development in the field. Architects at all experience levels will be able to benefit by becoming a member. They will have opportunities to get assistance with getting employment and networking with other professionals and companies in the field. As a member of the American Institute of Architects, they will also be in position to add more credentials to their background and continue their education in the field. Therefore, architects are likely to improve their knowledge and expertise by having membership with the AIA. More about of Robert Ivy at

The leadership of the American Institute of Architects consists of a few executives. One of these executives is Robert Ivy. He is a longtime practitioner and journalist in the field who was named as the CEO in 2011. As the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has helped contribute to a number of programs that help with both professional development and general education about the community. The programs introduced have included information about immigration, the environment and also diversity and inclusion. These programs have all contributed to enhancing the overall knowledge of architects. Robert has also helped the organization expand to other countries as well.

While Robert Ivy has been a key member of the American Institute of Architects for several years, he has a list of significant accomplishments prior to joining the organization. As the editor in chief for a major architecture publication, Robert Ivy won an award for his work. He was responsible for publishing a number of key articles about some of the hottest topics in the field. Ivy was also involved in writing articles for publications as well where he developed his reputation as a top expert in architecture. During the summer of 2018, Robert won the Lifetime Achievement Award which recognizes those who make significant contributions to the art, performance and media fields.

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Whitney Wolfe Does A Lot for Women

October 18, 2018 • divinefuel

Women who choose to use the online dating industry know things can be difficult to deal with. They also know they have to make the most out of different situations if they want to show other people what will happen when they think about the opportunities that come from the experiences they have. Whitney Wolfe knows this and knows the dating industry can be difficult because she’s been there. She knows things won’t ever get better until someone takes a stand to make a difference for women who struggle with dating. Whitney Wolfe is the person who took the stand and came up with the idea for an app to help women enjoy the dating world without the issues that typically come with it. She made it so women had to be the ones to initiate contact. It results in more meaningful connections for women and less unsolicited issues for other people in those situations. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at

For Whitney Wolfe, the point of making things better is making sure people understand they can get more from different opportunities. Whitney Wolfe knows a lot about giving back and knows Bumble gives women the chances they need to feel confident about themselves. She just wants them to realize they have the ability to do more than what they did in the past. It also makes things easier for them so they don’t have as much to worry about when they’re looking at different options.

No matter how hard Whitney Wolfe works, she believes Bumble is the chance to keep helping more people. She wants women to feel in control. She also wants women to know they have a chance to date without worrying about the issues that come along with app dating. If she can help more people have a clear understanding of what they need to do and how they can connect with men, she knows there is a chance she can do more. It makes sense for her to continue helping other people understand all the opportunities they need to keep getting better. It’s also her goal to keep making things better overall for women.



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Gareth Henry Steers Fortress Investment Group Forward

September 29, 2018 • divinefuel

Gareth Henry is a visionary CEO of Fortress Investment Group, a chief worldwide organization. It exchanges private value and genuine domains among others. He has a degree in actuarial science and arithmetic from the University Of Edinburgh, Scotland. Through his involvement in the region of back, he has possessed the capacity to keep giving sound money related exhortation. Through devotion, Fortress total assets has significantly expanded. He has likewise been maintaining privately-run company since 1997.

Gareth Henry has faith in defining objectives and accomplishing them, a character he has kept on grasping since he joined the organization. This has drastically affected on the organization development prompting the procurement of benefits raising the organization’s total assets.

Each organization requires destinations both short and longterm. Gareth Henry underlines that it influences the representatives and chiefs to have a course. This is on account of without a dream in the business, one may not deliver much benefit. Building up client certainty and faithfulness is basic in an effective organization.

Gareth has fantastic supervisory abilities a character that his associates praise. He has refined his group to be devoted to giving the best. Gareth Henry confides in it is important to enable your staff with the required learning keeping in mind the end goal to empower them to enhance in their regions of administration.

His initiative at Fortress venture bunch is huge particularly speculations the organization has attempted in his residency. He utilizes his monetary foundation and experience to dissect strategies for success before actualizing them.

Concentrate money related explanations and translating them, is the best way to deal with the budgetary parts of an organization successfully. Gareth has expanded the responsibility in the firm and grasping Gareth demand that an organization needs to put resources into the documentation. Clear records are required for reasons for money related review and constant checking assessments.

Gareth has been working for the organization since 2007, and his work is urging in regards to benefit because of the present triumphs in building business connections. In addition, he is likewise in charge of raising capital and building customer connections in the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

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CIO Sahm Adrangi Explains His Negative Views On Proteostasis Therapeutics

April 23, 2018 • divinefuel

Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Sahm Adrangi issued a report in support of his decision to short the stock of Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. This is a biopharmaceutical firm who has a drug in development called PTI-428. The value of this company largely depends on the success of this one drug which is being clinically studied to treat cystic fibrosis. Their stock doubled when the FDA designated PTI-428 as both a Breakthrough Therapy and as an Orphan Drug. However, the analysts working for Sahm Adrangi say that this drug is in all likelihood ineffective and will never be released.

There are two main problems with PTI-428, Sahm Adrangi says. The first is that his analysts have shown that the pattern of data for this candidate drug is of low quality. Secondly, he says that Proteostasis Therapeutics has been omitting some critical information in their public disclosures. He said this company released their Phase 2 clinical trial results in December 2017 which claimed that PTI-428 showed improved lung function over the results of a placebo.

However, Sahm Adrangi says that once his analysts dug into the details they saw that these Phase 2 results are not nearly as meaningful as investors have been led to believe. He said the drug didn’t actually improve patient’s health, it was that the four patients who had taken placeboes did very poorly which made PTI-428 look a lot more effective than it actually is. Phase 1 had shown the PTI-428 didn’t improve lung function in any meaningful way and in reality that was what Phase 2 confirmed. Later in the day after he issued his report Sahm Adrangi had held a teleconference in order to further explain his negative position on Proteostasis Therapeutics.

After graduating from Yale University with a bachelor of arts in economics, Sahm Adrangi found his first position at Deutsche Bank. He went on to work for two other investment firms before founding Kerrisdale Capital Management and starting his own hedge fund. He says his personal investment style is value. His company now manages $300 million which is mostly in long-term value investments. The rest is shorting the stocks of companies that he sees as overvalued.

Bob Reina, CEO OF Talk Fusion offers Tips on Effective Video Marketing

November 15, 2017 • divinefuel

Talk Fusion, based in Florida, is a global leader in the provision of video marketing solutions. Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, established the all-in-one stop for video marketing services in 2007. The firm creates a platform with various ways of marketing that are more engaging and persuasive and guarantee results.


Talk Fusion has shown commitment to assisting businesses to withstand competition by being innovative in marketing and increasing sales and profits. The firm’s services are marketed from person to person and provided by independent associates in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion allows consumers a 30-day free trial period for them to try out the product before considering a purchase. The firm, as well as the CEO, is also passionate about giving back to the community by donating to various charity organizations globally. Reina boasts of over 25 years of experience in video marketing and direct sales.


In April 2017, news provider, The Huffington Post changed the name to HuffPost. Mr. Bob Reina published new articles coinciding with the rebranding of the news provider. Reina has, however, been a contributor to the HuffPost since August 2006. During this period, he has offered insight into the trends in the video marketing industry while also helping individuals with entrepreneurial, self-development and lifestyle skills possibly reaching HuffPost’s over 200 million readers.


Reina insists on the essence of understanding your audience to deliver your message to the right group. One needs to research the target market to develop focused marketing campaigns. Focus on the problems that your product aims to solve and market the product with the fictionalized buyer in mind. This will resonate with many potential buyers rather than addressing all buyers in general.


Research on your competition to know what they are doing differently and whether they are excelling or not. You can also check on social media to identify the likes and preferences of customers. Analytics tools can also be of great help in determining what works best and what customers like. Researching your market and learning the tiny details will enable you to know how to relay your content when marketing and even which words to use. Learn more:


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