Jason Hope Discusses Where Internet Of Things May Lead Us

Jason Hope has made a career out of being right concerning the tech trends of the future. Always staying abreast of the cutting-edge in science, medicine and computer technology, Hope has proven again and again that he has the perspicacity and tenacity to stay steps ahead of the competition.

Recently, the Arizona entrepreneur has taken to the internet. Writing blogs, guest posts and articles for tech magazines and websites, the technology expert has raised questions and addressed concerns about the society-wide implications that many of the technologies encompassed by the Internet of Things will have.

We may need a universal basic income

Hope has long been a proponent of, if nothing else, at least having a serious discussion about the idea of a universal basic income, a development which he sees as eventually being an absolute necessity in an increasingly advanced economy. One of the problems that Hope sees is the gradual automation and final mechanization of all menial jobs. Any job that does not require higher level, abstract thought, says Hope, is currently at risk of automation and will be in grave risk of disappearing within the next 25 to 50 years. Hope says that this will cause massive disruptions to the socioeconomic landscape of the United States and could be seriously harmful if we’re caught unprepared.

However, Jason Hope says that there is no sense fretting over it. It is as inevitable as the sun rising. What we should do, he says, is start working out how to solve the issues of massive unemployment in the context of incredibly cheap and widely available basic necessities.

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