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Jason Hope spreads the news about IoT

October 20, 2018 • divinefuel

Jason Hope is a technology enthusiast, innovator, philanthropist, and an author. He has written an ebook about the internet of things. He is trying as much as possible to teach the people about this new technology that is going to change how we live. IoT, as it is commonly known, will bring some significant changes in the world. From our homes to places of work, life will never be the same. Almost every aspect of life that you can think about will be affected by this new technology. IoT is going to prove significant in the lives of the people significantly as it will be taking some of the tasks that are only possible through human users. Now machines will be in a position to communicate among themselves. Learn more about Jason Hope at Bitsy Link

Jason Hope loves the idea of IoT because he believes it is going to change a lot of things in life. We are no longer going to worry about working in unfavorable condition. In fact, with IoT machines will be used to perform tasks that were not possible to carry out through human users. Jason Hope fell in love with the idea of IoT and believed that it would happen many years ago. While others were doubting about the possibility of the Internet of Things happening, he was sure that it would come true. Now, IoT has happened, and he has been proved true. He is even known as a futurist because of his ability to tell what is happening in the world.

Jason Hope is trying as much as possible to bring awareness about this topic. He believes that the more people understand it, the faster it will happen. He is also using this is a chance to urge business people to align their plans with the coming changes. Anyone who will not conform to the changes will be kicked out of the market. Businesses cannot risk ignoring the power of the IoT. It is going to happen, and once it happens, it will create huge changes in the world.

Jason Hope is from Arizona. He has an MBA from Arizona State University.


Paul Mampilly and His Impressive Achievements Rooted in Helping People Be Prosperous

April 2, 2018 • divinefuel

There are many things that could put us at the level of success that we want. We could practice a skill and charge people for delivering a service. We could also start a business. We could also just join stocks trading. What you should consider, though, when you want as much profit as you can is to consider putting your money in many baskets and not just in one. This is one of the few things that Paul Mampilly does himself, and the level of success that he’s in right now could be attributed to such strategy. View Paul Mampilly’s profile at

The Newsletter Innovation

We know that Paul Mampilly is the American investor and former hedge fund executive that’s able to help companies build their asset portfolio and increase their chances of income. As a matter of fact, the kind of success that Mr. Paul Mampilly has received is an indication that he has something to say that’s highly valuable and profitable for the entire global market. Right now, an outstanding achievement that he received is also the fact that he has started a successful newsletter that’s able to generate a lot of help and assistance to those who need successful financial advice that works. Also, it should be said that the expertise, knowledge, and experience that Mr. Paul has been through all his career has been shared in his newsletter that right now has about 90,000 subscribers, which would still expect to grow and increase its following.

The Man In India

There are many reasons why Paul Mampilly is the successful investor and venture capitalist that he is right now, but what could be the reasons? Some of them could have to do with his origins and educational background. Secondly, Paul is born in India and moved to United States to practice his career, and this background could be the reason why he has the kind of unique perception that could shape his financial decisions. The 25 years of financial experience is also a good training background of why he stands out to be a successful portfolio manager.

The Awards

The career of Paul Mampilly has been shaped by his dedication to quality service, which is justified by the series of awards that he earned. One of the best awards he got is the Templeton Foundation award for his remarkable investment program. This award could also be the reason why he’s one of the most sought after finance people who are able to be featured on reputable news networks, including Bloomberg TV and CNBC.

More info can be found at


Paul Mampilly Providing Wise Investment Options Through Profits Unlimited

October 28, 2017 • divinefuel

Paul Mampilly has carved a niche for himself as a financial advisor who is interested in helping ordinary Americans obtain wealth by investing in stocks. Mampilly left Wall Street when he was at the apex of his career to focus on his family and his primary goal of enlightening people regarding stocks.

Mampilly in partnership with Banyan Hill Publishing, a publishing firm focusing solely on publishing investment newsletters and research advice papers, launched “Profits Unlimited,” an investment newsletter. So far, the subscription-based newsletter has over 60,000 investors benefitting from Mampilly’s investment advice amassed during his 25-year career in renowned financial firms such as Banker’s Trust, ING, kinetic Asset Management, Deutsche Bank, etc.

Mampilly is perhaps among the few investment advisors who practice what they preach. Stocks trading is in Mampilly’s DNA. He invests regularly, and his investments in Sarepta Therapeutics and Netflix are the most publicized. It is no surprise, Mampilly made over 2000 percent gain when he bought stocks of Sarepta which he disposed of the same year that he purchased them.

Mampilly was among the competitors in an investment competition sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. Like he always does, Mampilly emerged the winner of the contest owing to his ability to grow a $50 million portfolio to $80 million in a short time. What’s more, Mampilly accomplished the impressive growth (76 percent) when the financial market was in crisis.

Signing up for Profits Unlimited is almost a guaranteed way of making money from the stock market. Mampilly handpicks “the best” stocks and suggests that readers invest in them. Mampilly spends several hours researching his stocks and a couple of more hours to ensure that his advice is not only reliable but also practical. He regularly updates the newsletter so that his audience are kept abreast with the developments in the financial market. Mampilly also has a website to provide supplemental information to information carried by the newsletter.

Mampilly bets on the Internet of Things (IoT). With the constant advancement of the internet and technology, he envisions a period that devices will be connected to each other to provide ease of control. An example is a smart house whose many functions can be triggered by a handheld remote control. Mampilly believes an investment in IoT technology is a winning investment. Mampilly never forgets millennials and trends that they initiate. Mampilly acknowledges that millennials currently constitute a significant portion of the American population. Any investment tailored to their needs is potentially a lucrative decision.

Jason Hope Discusses Where Internet Of Things May Lead Us

March 29, 2017 • divinefuel

Jason Hope has made a career out of being right concerning the tech trends of the future. Always staying abreast of the cutting-edge in science, medicine and computer technology, Hope has proven again and again that he has the perspicacity and tenacity to stay steps ahead of the competition.

Recently, the Arizona entrepreneur has taken to the internet. Writing blogs, guest posts and articles for tech magazines and websites, the technology expert has raised questions and addressed concerns about the society-wide implications that many of the technologies encompassed by the Internet of Things will have.

We may need a universal basic income

Hope has long been a proponent of, if nothing else, at least having a serious discussion about the idea of a universal basic income, a development which he sees as eventually being an absolute necessity in an increasingly advanced economy. One of the problems that Hope sees is the gradual automation and final mechanization of all menial jobs. Any job that does not require higher level, abstract thought, says Hope, is currently at risk of automation and will be in grave risk of disappearing within the next 25 to 50 years.

However, Jason Hope says that there is no sense fretting over it. It is as inevitable as the sun rising. What we should do, he says, is start working out how to solve the issues of massive unemployment in the context of incredibly cheap and widely available basic necessities.


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