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Copa Star Hospital – Combining Technology, Experience And Professionalism To Offer Comprehensive And Advanced Medical Care

April 18, 2017 • divinefuel

Copa Star is one of the most advanced hospitals located in the capital city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. The hospital is designed luxuriously, and its architecture can be compared to that of a five-star hotel. However, Copa Star has made no compromises on the technology front and comes fully equipped with the latest medical equipment, tools, devices and technology to provide comprehensive healthcare services to the patients. The hospital staff members are fully trained and certified and have a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry, ensuring only the best services and care to the patients and their families.

The hospital follows international standards in hospital care and has integrated modern process to make sure that the focus is equally distributed between patient’s care, technology, recovery and service. The Hospital Copa Star is a concept hospital and has a team of over 110 physicians who offer a wide variety of consultancy in different fields of medicine. The hybrid operating rooms at the Copa Star hospital help in minimally invasive operations for even the most complex surgeries. It helps the physicians to monitor the condition of the patient in real time and keep a watch on all the various health parameters, which helps with reducing risk during the operation. The hybrid rooms are capable of providing the results of blood samples in real time, which enhances the operational capabilities of the surgeons to a great extent.

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Copa Star Hospital is known for its specialty care in two primary medical fields, cardiology, and neurology. The hospital has acquired highly advanced tools and equipment, such as microscope and resonance equipment, which costs a million dollar each. The design of the hospital is such that there are two corridors, one to be used by the hospital staff and the other for the use by the patient and their families. It helps in keeping the environment in the hospital calm and noise-free, which is a general requirement in any hospital to provide patients a soothing atmosphere. Over 550 administrative and nursing staff are at the hospital to cater to the needs of the patients and their families and help the hospital run smoothly.

The employees at Copa Star are trained over a period of two months to handle various situations with precision and care, ensuring that the standard of care and service offered is at par with the international standards. Copa Star is decorated beautifully too and offers a lovely ambiance that is truly world class. Each and every room at the Copa Star is luxuriously designed to provide a unique experience combined with professional medical care by the nursing staff around the clock. Hospital Copa Star is a welcome addition to the city of Rio de Janeiro, which for long needed a hospital that matches the medical care and technology offered in hospitals internationally. Read more at about Copa Star.

Categories: Medical Care