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Dick DeVos and his Appointment to the FAA

July 5, 2018 • divinefuel

Did you know that Dick DeVos, previous CEO and President of Amway, now works with the FAA in Washington? Last year, DeVos was inducted into the Management Advisory Council by the Federal Aviation Administration. The council advises the FAA on all sorts of issues related to the aviation industry, especially for policies, regulations, and budgets. DeVos hopes to help with future growth as well. He believes that there have been some challenges facing the FAA as technology has given way to certain issues with security, ticket sales, and employment.


The Council is made up of 13 members who are from transportation and security, former airline executives, and others in business who can help with the FAA’s new plans. DeVos has experience in both business and aviation, and he has been on the front lines to see how the aviation industry has fluctuated each year. In some cases, there have been some incredible highs and lows.


DeVos started out as a pilot when he was very young. He would eventually become the leader in sales for Amway during his presidency at the company. However, it was his drive for aviation that persisted all of these years. He also has a love for his hometown that has given the economy so many ways to grow over the past 10 years, although DeVos would say that he started the trend in the 1990s.


There was a period of time when DeVos was closely working with business leaders in Grand Rapids to formulate the economy and allow the city to grow as rapidly as possible. While he still works with city leaders, many of the projects have been in place now since the 1990s and have allowed the city to thrive. A few of those projects were built under Grand Action, which was a committee that DeVos helped form in the early 1990s with other business leaders in Grand Rapids.


Grand Action and the DeVos Family Foundation contributed a lot to the planning of the new Grand Rapids, bringing in businesses and cultural landmarks to the downtown area to support new growth. DeVos also focused on bringing more people to the area through the airport. He began to work closely with the CEO after the re-launch of Gerald R. Ford International Airport in 1999.


His new relationship brought him in contact with the CEOs of Air Tran Airways and Southwest Airlines, as well as others that had terminals at the Grand Rapids location. DeVos worked with many of them to secure an expansion construction deal that would lead to a new business traveler area, food court, and technology in the terminals. The renovation has been successful and will be completed in 2018.


That’s not all that DeVos has done for aviation. He also worked with kids and built a charter school to train pilots at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. His views on education and training for the aviation world may also be helpful to the FAA.


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George Soros Social Activist

July 5, 2017 • divinefuel

George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire and philanthropist, has worked tirelessly for decades to promote social justice causes. He donated more than $27 million to prevent the election of George W. Bush in 2004 but had recently been staying out of the political spotlight. During the 2016 Presidential race; Politico stated that Soros planned to attend the Democratic Convention, his first ever. However, he changed his plans due to concerns over Europe’s critical economic situation. Although he’s a longtime advocate of Democratic policies, Soros has become more involved in political causes in recent years due to the faith he puts in political leaders such as Hillary Clinton. He’s expressed concerns over the opposition’s policy of playing on the fears of the public over terrorist organizations such as ISIS, and on the hostility over social causes that are important to him. Soros fortune is an estimated to be $24.9 billion, mainly due to currency trading. Read this story about George at

Soros was born in Hungary to an upper-class, Hungarian-Jewish family. As a Jewish child in Nazi-occupied Hungary, Soros wasn’t allowed to attend school. Soros and other Jewish children in Budapest had to report to the Jewish Council and asked to hand out notices to Jewish residents who were being deported. He took the notes to his father who told him that the people listed were Jewish lawyers. His father instructed him to go to each of the people on the list and tell them not to report, or they’d face deportation. His family survived the Siege of Budapest, and Soros father was responsible for saving the lives of many Hungarian Jews. Soros background made him aware of issues such as reforms to the criminal justice system, religious tolerance, and immigration reform, and he’s spent years supporting those causes.

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Forbes has stated that George Soros is the 19th wealthiest person in the world and became active in philanthropy during the 1970s. He provided funding for black students in South Africa to attend the University of Cape Town when the country was under apartheid. For years George Soros has supported the democratization of former Soviet states by non-violent methods. He now works to encourage emerging nations to be open and free thinking. George Soros international foundations have donated more than $13 billion over 30 years to improve education, healthcare, and work on the democratic process in Eastern European countries. In his work with the Democracy Alliance, he has sought to build long-term strategies to combat causes such as improving economic conditions for workers, getting big money out of politics, and climate change. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

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End Citizen Raises Money for Midterm Elections

May 4, 2017 • divinefuel

End Citizens United is among the most powerful action committee in the US. The group was established recently, and it has already accomplished a lot. The main aim of the organization is to drive away big monies in politics in the US. Not long ago, End Citizen announced to its supporters that it was going to raise some money for its causes.


End Citizen United has been doing well in this agenda, and it leaders have now announced that the team has raised more than four million dollars. A report published in the USA TODAY indicates that the amount was raised just three months ago. The group is planning to attain 35 million dollars. The amount should be collected before the midterm elections that are expected to happen in the country in the year 2018. End Citizen United is believed to have started its special operations in 2016 during the presidential elections. The leaders of the institution say that during the last campaign, it had more than 25 million for its many operations.


Tiffany Muller currently serves as the chief executive and also the president of the PAC. In an interview, Muller says that a group of 100 people decided to make their contributions in End Citizen United early 2017. According to her, forty thousand people were giving the contributions to the group for the first time. Tiffany says that her team wants to make sure that the individuals elected in the country will bring campaign finance reforms. Most of these people will represent the team in the Congress.


Tiffany Muller has also said that most of the individuals were giving an average contribution of twelve dollars each, and this is a positive sign for the group. The donors feel that the system used in the United States has failed terribly, and it should be changed. The donors also believe that the people who can chunk massive amounts of money always have a say when it comes to the presidential campaigns in the US. The individuals donating their cash understand that the best way to fight these big and wealthy donors is to fight back by nominating the right candidates who will be representing them.


End Citizen United mostly supports Democratic candidates in their campaigns. This means that the group was furious when Donald Trump won the presidential election in November. The team has now decided to fight and reject all the agendas of the powerful president and his nominees. The Supreme Court judge nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is one of the people who are experiencing a lot of criticism from the group. The group is now urging all its supporters to come out in large numbers and donate so that it can accomplish its missions.

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