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August 17, 2017 • divinefuel

Roberto Santiago is an astute businessman who owns one of the biggest shopping malls in Brazil. The Manaira Shopping Mall which was established in 1989 is arguably among the best Brazilian shopping malls.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is situated in the Brazilian town of Joao Pessoa. The residents of the town appreciate the busy shopping mall because it is strategically placed and easily accessible. In addition to all this, the mall also runs twenty-four hours a day. This makes it convenient to shop at hours of the day. The shopping complex is massive, and it includes very many areas where people from all walks of life can get entertainment, clubbing areas, educations centers, shopping areas, cinema halls, sporting areas, food courts and many more services.


The Manaira Shopping Mall took two years to construct. The shopping area has movie theaters which have been fitted with visual and audio display systems. The visual display areas include 3D display screens. The mall also has a modern bowling alley which has electronic slopes to entertain all bowling lovers. It also has 200 electric game machines. The food court includes world renowned food franchise holders. The food area also has gourmet food restaurants. The mall has a gym, college, and a concert hall. In 2009, the Domus hall was included in the building, the hall holds various concerts, and it attracts diverse names in the entertainment industry from all over the world.


It includes the best sound equipment in the world. The entertainment hall also has private and individual cabins. The shopping mall also has a music lounge and dressing room. There is also a concert area where both contemporary and modern music can be accommodated. Within the confines of the mall, there is also an open space which can be used for both private and public functions. These include weddings, graduations and much more. The Manaira Shopping mall also has an artificial amusement park which is powered electronically.


The Manaira Shopping mall is one of the most successful business ventures in the Paraiba area. The mall is never affected by the economic crisis in Brazil. The shopping mall compliments the vibrant beach life in the town.


About Roberto Santiago


Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur who was born in July 1958. The businessman had always wanted to own a big enterprise. He launched his career at a cafeteria at Café Santa Rosa. He then invested in the cardboard manufacturing business. Due to his saving nature, he was able to save just enough to purchase his first piece of land in Joao Pessoa. He later decided to invest fully in this piece of land by building The Manaira Shopping Mall.Roberto Santiago attended the Pio X-Marist College. In addition to this, he also attended Joao Pessoa’s University Centre for a business administration course.


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Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall; One-Stop Shopping Center

April 7, 2017 • divinefuel

Traversing through the scenic landscape of the Paraiba state in Brazil, a particular shopping mall will catch your eye. The distinctive architecture of the Manaira mall has made of the remarkable landmarks with which the Joao Pessoa suburbs is associated. An architectural magnum opus, the building, stands out among others.

The mall is not only the largest in its locality but also one of the biggest in Brazil as a whole. Its construction took two years, having been inaugurated in 1987. However, the building did not stop there. Designers are often coming up with new suggestions for improvement, as a measure to maintain the elegance of the structure. Read more about the mall on

The mall boasts of an enormous entertainment space, covering a large 10,000 square meters. In 2014, an epicurean place, consisting of the Capital Steak House was opened to the public. In addition to its exquisite design, the hypermarket has cinema halls fitted with 3D technology, fully-equipped gymnasiums as well as a myriad of other social amenities.

Salient features

The Domus Hall, located on the roof, is one of the most striking features. The Hall has two floors, with the ground having a conference center while the mezzanine holds recreational and boarding facilities. Since its commencement, the hall has hosted an array of prominent functions, including art exhibitions, theatrical concerts, among others. At its full capacity, the ballroom can accommodate up to eight thousand individuals.

Though the Manaira is primarily a shopping center, the fine cuisines availed at the place are mouth-watering and delicious. Clients are often spoilt for choice, due to a large number of excellent restaurants at the food court. The foods, diligently prepared by Paraiba’s elite chefs, always leave consumers licking their lips.

To keep with the evolving technology trends, the management has advanced almost every amenity to the latest standards. Video showrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art display screens as well as digital surround sound systems. Gaming addicts are also catered for, through the provision of an array of games, ranging from arcade to sports.

Always looking to Improve

Since its inception, the sole objective of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has been to avail an unforgettable shopping experience to its customer. By maintaining high standards and regularly updating their facilities, the ownership has managed to stay true to its course. Furthermore, the institution has adopted the mantra, ‘always thinking of you,’ which displays its commitment to guarantee consumer satisfaction.

The unprecedented success witnessed by the Manaira has been beneficial to both the proprietor, Roberto Santiago, and the community around it. Numerous corporations have set up offices in the locality, which in turn has created numberless job openings. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

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