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Hussain Sajwani – Damac Properties Chairman With Long and Distinguished Career

April 21, 2017 • divinefuel

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of Damac Properties, whom has had a long and distinguished career with the firm. The company is also headquartered in Dubai, and the operations of the firm are quite diverse.

The firm was recognized for providing great service to the US Army during the first Iraq war in 1991. The group has built over 8900 units and has more under construction.

 Sajwani began his career in the Oil and Natural Gas industry following his graduation from the University of Washington. This was followed by a catering business which led to the construction of several hotels.

Eventually Mr. Sajwani decided that it was more worthwhile for him to pursue luxury real estate rather than Food Service and founded Damac Properties in 2002. His company is currently listed on the Dubai stock exchange with 2000 employees. Damac has also added a custom real estate company which is aimed at producing customized hotel apartments. Read more: Hussain Habib Sajwani | Crunchbase

He also actively invests in global equity markets in addition to his forays into real estate. The company is continually looking to add value and improve it’s product offering to the world.

Hussein Sajwani’s Relationship With Donald Trump

Another distinguishing aspect of Hussain Sajwani is that he has a very close working relationship with the Trump family. The Billionaire has a close working relationship with him, and he is looking to strengthen that bond so he is able to leverage the benefits of being able to have such a close working relationship. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

While he is not currently able to work with Donald Trump as he is the current President of the United States, he will be working with members of the Trump Family. Since both are in the real estate business, the Trump family’s brand has been able to be of a huge benefit to Hussein Sajwani.

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