CEO Laura Rea Dickey's Slogan Is to Help Dickey's Barbecue Chain Thrive

To adapt to the rapid development of the company, the Dickey family decided to reorganize the company. Roland Jr. becomes the CEO of the newly established Dickey Capital Group, the parent company of all the family’s businesses. Laura Rea Dickey has taken the role.

Dickey’s Barbecue is recognized for seeking new opportunities. For years, this has stimulated its growth and revenue. The CEO ensures that every square inch of the restaurant is used, even when renting out. Laura Rea Dickey and Roland Jr. build on the solid foundation that Travis and his sons have made and can build businesses based on innovation and flexibility.

Although they pride themselves in their Texas ancestry, they have found through market research that it is crucial to stay witty when deciding how and where to display them. In one place, they initially painted the Texas flags on the walls but soon discovered that the wooden beams and neon lights at home barbecue felt much better for a national brand.

Dickey expanded to NSW and did not shy away from the idea of ​​providing regional comfort food. In Iowa, you rarely find any cornbread between each other, so they developed a cornbread recipe, which was later used in North Carolina to bring hush Puppies.

There are many reasons for deviation from quality standards to the atmosphere, but creating a BBQ U training program ensures that each new owner-operator knows precisely what is expected of him before he takes power. The two-week course is designed as an intensive practical course in Dickey Bar BBQ Pit restaurant management, guiding franchisees from opening to closing and all other processes.

Laura Rea Dickey is currently the CEO of Dickey’s Bar BBQ Restaurants, Inc. Dickey has worked in the company’s marketing and information technology department for years. During his tenure, Dickey was responsible for marketing, education, and technology.

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