CEO of Mako Medical Chad Price

Chad Price is the current Chief Executive Officer at Mako Medical. Mako Medical is a company that creates new technology intending to disrupt the healthcare industry. The company has won several awards for innovation and employing military veterans. Additionally, Mako is known for supporting non-profit and Christian missionaries. The team at Mako Medical makes it easy for clients because they focus on the needs of the patient and the customer experience. Over the past few years, the company has changed healthcare delivery by building new technology and new innovative processes. The Americans are ready to take up a new healthcare option as long as the services are brilliant. Although Mako Medical offers medical practices and hospitals on the lab side, it also offers insurance brokers on the pharmacy side. When the business started, it struggled with cash flow because of investing in new products and services. Another challenge was recruiting because the company takes time to find the best talent in the market. Mako Medical’s goal is to penetrate the rural markets because many families are unable to access healthcare. The company launched a subscription model in April 2020 that allows families to access 300 medications without paying. Most families have been looking for such a solution for a long time.