David Azzato On London’s Entrepreneurs Staying Successful During A Pandemic Times

David Azzato wrote an article about being successful during the time of Covid-19. In the article, David Azzato discusses how business leaders come from different backgrounds and countries. He goes on about how it makes no difference whether they’re rich or poor or how talented an individual is, but what makes truly successful entrepreneurs doesn’t come from their pedigree, but from their determination. People willing to stay the course and seek new opportunities despite difficult situations.

There are plenty of opportunities out there if entrepreneurs are willing to adapt. Still, with so much happening in the world because of COVID-19 and other problems, how can people have hope for their business? David Azzato’s article looks at ways business leaders can bring themselves out of a critical situation.

With COVID-19 hitting so many businesses, entrepreneurs are feeling the pinch. They struggled to provide paychecks for their employees while keeping their businesses alive.

Even the brightest optimist would have trouble remaining so. The possibilities for something to go wrong increase because of the many challenges. Many would assume that they had been dealt an unfair deck, and the world was against them. For some, this would be easier to deal with, but for others finding a solution is their task.

Real entrepreneurs will stay the course. They thrive on risk-taking and weigh their decisions. Even so, they don’t take too long thinking over a problem. They realized too much delay won’t get the job done.

Real entrepreneurs know nothing is perfect, and they are satisfied to get something done. These business leaders may not always have a plan ready, but they will come up with one quickly.

Despite the pessimistic reports being spread, businesses are still flourishing. New businesses are being born while old businesses are changing with the times.

Some individuals adapt better to problems than others. They seem to thrive off of danger that leads them into moving ahead.

David Azzato recommends that this is the time for entrepreneurs to reinvent business by asking questions such as what do customers need? To know first hand what customers want, they have to go to them. He suggests entrepreneurs would want to create ways to make new products more attractive.

Azzato believes entrepreneurs need to focus on the population that desires their products. They must not refuse to change but keep moving forward. He gives an example of how Blockbuster failed to take notice of the popularity of Netflix.

He writes a person is a true entrepreneur when he or she can deal with the risk without much effort. They make changes when necessary, but never on a whim. These people are different because they don’t concentrate on the negativity. The entrepreneur understands their problem and works on it until they find a solution. The entrepreneurs seek answers and look for suggestions instead of complaining.

Azzato summons up what true entrepreneurs are: someone who doesn’t let unexpected problems hold them back. They see the positive that comes out of the problem. For instance, when many employees stay home because of COVID-19 but are still successful at accomplishing their tasks.

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