DFINITY USA Strives to Alter the Future with Its Internet Computer

DFINITYBlockchain tech has people around the world buzzing with excitement because the technology promises to improve the way economies, societies and more operate. Unfortunately, the technology has not yet achieved its full potential. While there are numerous blockchain platforms in use today, these are private-access systems that offer fractured benefits. In order for blockchain’s full potential to be realized, the same system must be adopted uniformly. At DFINITY USA, work on a promising system has been underway for years. The system, which is known as the Internet Computer, stands boldly apart from other blockchain technologies because it is a public-access system with a variety of unique features.

The excitement around the Internet Computer has been astonishing. In fact, in excess of $100 million was raised to support the Internet Computer’s development in 2018 alone. The Internet Computer has received backing from cryptocurrency users, node services and more. As a public-access platform, DFINITY USA’s Internet Computer is designed so that it is more predictable, affordable and efficient than other blockchain platforms in use today. Furthermore, the Internet Computer has an enhanced peer-to-peer communications system. This secure system features the use of subnet nodes. Notably, DFINITY USA’s internet Computer has also been designed with a special feature that supports easier upgrades and improvements. This feature is the Service Nervous System, and it employs decentralized tokens for functionality.

Dfinity FoundationResearchers and engineers at DFINITY USA continue to work on the Internet Computer today, and enthusiasm continues to build. As the system is tweaked going forward, it will move toward achieving its full potential. Expect to hear more great things about this platform in the future.