DroppTv, Shopatainment and the New Approach to Video Advertising

The new startup DroppTv is hitting the scene and showing people the possible power of shopatainment, or the idea of seamlessly merging video and advertisement. The way things have been in the past, videos were often interrupted by advertisements, often putting people off of the videos in the first place.

If video is being used as a means of boosting sales, then having a video dubbed “not cool,” due to its extensive advertising could be death to the whole enterprise. Having redirects to bring you away from a video, or endless ads to interrupt it is often less than ideal for this reason.

That’s why shopatainment makes it so that you can click on a video as it’s going without interrupting it so that you can both continue to enjoy the video and purchase an item that you see within the video to help enhance both aspects of the thing without having one be better to the detriment of the other.

People don’t want to be manipulated. If someone is trying to trick you into buying something, it’s often an instant turn-off. The environment is such that people want to have the power in their own hands instead of feeling like they are being hard-sold on everything on the time.

With a shopatainment approach, DroppTV ensures that people retain the power of what they want to do themselves. That way, if they happen to want to purchase something from a video, they can do so. If instead, they would prefer to not do this, they have the option to watch the whole video without being bothered.

In this way, DroppTV is pushing e-commerce forward, allowing for a win-win on both sides instead of viewers feeling like there’s something insincere going on throughout the whole experience. Shopping is quickly becoming different due to new technologies and the way people avoid in-person experiences more due to the current state of the world. The studies are clear on the point that people are using videos as their preferred means of content submission more and more now. This is why Rai, the CEO of DroppTV, is pursuing this approach. By using A.I. And machine learning, Rai has made it so that his platform is just ready to meet needs rather than bullying anyone into buying anything.

It’s the perfect synergistic meeting between form and function, making sure that willing consumers can consume, while also allowing for those who just want to watch a video.