Eterneva, Bringing Change to Deathcare

Deathcare is an area most people never thought would evolve significantly, thanks to Adelle Archer, CEO of Eterneva. Founding this company was inspired by some of her closest people who died, being her grandmother and mentor. To remember these two people in her life in the best way possible, Adelle Archer decided to diamond ornaments made from the ashes of her beloved. To give other people a chance to keep the memories of their loved ones in the most dignified way, she decided to create the company. The company, which was founded in 2016, is run alongside her partner Garret Ozar and investor Mark Cuban.

The funeral or death care industry is one of the industries that, over the years, has had a system that is hard to embrace change. However, because of a company like Eterneva, this is about to change. The company’s leadership has sought partnership with funeral homes, intending to introduce technology and other new concepts regarding the operation of the industry. While most people term what Archer offers as products, she has always held on to the fact she deals in the service of helping others through their grief journey. Therefore, instead of a product, the company offers a service.

The first step of accessing these services by Eterneva involves clients sharing a portion of their deceased loved ones’ ashes with the company. The best part about sharing the ashes is that a client does not have to go all the way to the company since they can send the ashes or hair through the mail. Once the company receives the ashes or fur, the first step is the extraction of carbon and then placed in a diamond seed. The next step is the purification of carbon, followed by the lab-growth process. During the lab-growth process, a series of activities take place, including adding color to the diamond.