Fortress Investment Group Appoints Timothy J. Sloan as Senior Advisor

Fortress Investment Group is known to invest in quality leadership. In recent times this New York based company with various branches across the United States added Timothy J. Sloan to its leadership team. Mr. Sloan’s role in the company is to serve in the position of Senior Advisor. As a result of the role, the leadership team at Fortress Investment Group will be the direct beneficiaries of his role in the company.

Another group of people that will benefit from the services of Mr. Sloan are the investors. Even though his place of operation will be in the Fortress Investment Group Los Angeles office, every branch of the company will benefit from his expertise in the financial services sector. The company’s top leadership Pete Briger has acknowledged the value and expertise that Mr. Sloan is bound to bring to the company.

The best thing about Mr. Sloan is that he is well familiar with the company he has joined. His relationship and close associations with Fortress Investment Group began over 20 years ago. Before joining Fortress, he had come from a top leadership position at Wells Fargo, where he served as CEO, president among many other leadership positions.

Mr. Sloan’s appointment as an advisor has come in when Fortress needs it the most. The company manages over $41.5 billion in assets. The company, which has now been in business since the year 1998, has had an opportunity to serve about 1750 clients, both institutional and private. Its services are not limited to New York as the company draws its clients from all over the world.

The company majors in various sectors ranging from real estate, permanent capital management strategies, among many other ventures. With the new advisor being recognized as a widely experienced individual. Fortress Investment Group now can receive the best insights to assist in growing the company further.

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