From Michigan, Peter Vitale Knows About Modern Customer Service

Customer service is a critical function of any competitive business. Peter Vitale, a Michigan entrepreneur, knows that no part of a business is immune to changing times. Customer service is different now in the digital age. Peter Vitale knows that customer service has become even more vital during these digital times. It is frightening, but it takes twelve positive customer interactions to make up for one bad one. Nearly ninety percent of customers will take their business to a competitor if they have lousy customer service. These facts show the need for stellar customer service, and customer service helps in insurance especially. Customers must know that they are not buying insurance coverage they do not need.

Among the best ways to create a demonstrably wonderful customer service experience, businesses can ensure that their customer service is available through mobile means. Companies need to use their available data to make it easy and smooth to work with their firm. Any firm could benefit by augmenting its customer service with social media. Customers need to get their customer service done through their preferred contact method. Employees must have training about proper customer service techniques. Customers need as much information as possible, and they also need personalized customer communication.

 Peter Vitale consults about insurance in Michigan. Peter Vitale is also the owner of Bloomfield Insurance Group. While consulting, Peter works with small and medium-scale businesses to help ensure their success. He took his schooling at Oakland University in Michigan, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Vitale lives in Michigan to this day, and Peter loves his constant involvement in the business community in Michigan. He sits on the board of the Better Business Bureau. Peter Vitale wants to share some of his best practices with those around him, and he works to do so each day in consulting.