Georgette Mulheir Explains the State of Healthcare Sector in Haiti

In Haiti, healthcare has been a disaster that cannot be addressed in years to come. There have been very many years of neglect, which explains why the current status has been realized. It is essential to indicate that those who are in this sector need to do a lot so that they can address some of the problems that have been prevailing in this sector for many years (Crunchbase).


Very many kids in the country have not been accessing healthcare services. It is unfortunate that women and children have been forced to deal with extreme healthcare challenges because the government is doing very little to ensure that such issues have been solved. There is already an expectation that the current Covid-19 pandemic that is already killing people around the world will continue to be a major problem in the country. As it stands, the government has done very little to come up with a reliable solution. There is very little testing and vaccination, overall within 3rd world countries such as Haiti.


In fact, global leader and activist Georgette Mulheis explains, data shows that the current testing that is available in the Haitian country is only accessible to the elites and the political class in the country. Up to now, there is very little that has been incorporated in the healthcare industry to address the problems that the entire community has been facing. Georgette Mulheir is one of the few experts in the world today who have been analyzing and reporting various trends in Haiti. Georgette Mulheir has been specifically focused on the healthcare challenges that this country has been facing. It is his view that intervention by the international community will help in addressing some of the common challenges in the country.


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