Political instability is currently a grave problem for the people of Haiti. This instability has been caused by the people’s lack of exercising their democratic right to vote. 


The president, who was supposed to leave power in February 2021, assumed a dictator’s seat, stalled all parliamentary meetings and ran the government. He has also appointed those who support him to be leaders of different positions in government. The president is working with gangs to help silence anyone who questions his rulings and human rights activists. Due to all these atrocities performed by the government, Georgette Mulheir founded the organization “Defend Haiti’s Democracy.” The organization’s role is to help stop the gangs from committing any more damage to the people of Haiti. The people of Haiti can no longer walk freely without the fear of being robbed, kidnapped, or killed. 


The gangs are recruiting children into their groups by kidnapping them, threatening to kill them and their families, and using them to commit some of the social ills like stealing or killing. With these gangs working with the government, the people of Haiti have no other option but to live in fear, Georgette Mulheir explains. Those found guilty of stealing and killing are not brought to justice and roam around free. The children are robbed of their lives, their dreams, and those of their loved ones. Georgette Mulheir is working through her organization to bring peace into the country. She believes everyone has a right to be free and express themselves. 


The people of Haiti living in a democratic system of government have a right to decide who they want to lead them. Georgette Mulheir calls upon the International Community to help Haiti attain its country, peace, and security. She is working to ensure the right information gets to the world and correct all incorrect information that has been passed. Through Defend Haiti’s Democracy, Georgette Mulheir seeks to liberate the people of Haiti and give them their freedom, their children who have been recruited into gangs, and restore their peace and harmony. Through the intervention of the International Community, she believes all these ills can be reversed.

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