Gordonstoun Student Leading the Fight against Brain Tumors

It’s always awe-inspiring to see young people taking on challenges that are beyond their scope.

Despite being young of an age, they have the courage to try and solve big world problems gives everyone hope for a better future ahead.

Among the most recurring names behind such courageous young people is Gordonstoun School.

This top-notch Scottish school sits on about 200 acres of woodland roughly 55km from Inverness airport and 100km from Aberdeen airport.

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The star of today’s show is Scarlett Sykes, an 18-year-old Gordonstoun pupil that has taken the mantle to lead the young generations to fight against a brain tumor.

The loss of a loving stepfather

Ms. Sykes said that her life changed significantly in 2018 after losing her stepfather, Paul Malcolm, to a brain tumor.

She said that he was a strong and healthy man all the time that he had known him.

He had completed two tours in Afghanistan, and after coming back, he took up a career as a mental health nurse.

Life seemed pretty normal and happy for everyone in the family until Malcolm was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Five weeks after the diagnosis, he passed away at age 48.

Scarlett said that the loss left a big scar in her life.

It was then that she decided that she would start a campaign to ensure that no other child would endure the pain of losing their loved ones to a brain tumor.

Raising £3,000

After returning to the institution, she started working on the way to have the most impact on fighting brain cancer.

She realized that the ailment, like many other types of cancer, did not have a reliable treatment.

Scarlett Sykes decided to start a fundraising campaign to help fund the research on brain cancer.

The climax of her campaign was a sponsored early morning race for the students at the school that raised £3,000.