Gordonstoun Student Raises Fund to Assist in Brain Tumor Research

Scarlett Sykes, a Gordonstoun student, has raised over £3,000 to assist in brain tumor research. Scarlett Sykes, who is 18, achieved this by organizing a sponsored run for students.

She also initiated a fundraiser on Facebook in memory of Paul Malcolm, her stepfather.

Paul Malcolm, a mental health nurse, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2017 and died five weeks after the diagnosis.

He died at the age of 48. Ms. Sykes said that his stepfather’s diagnoses and death relay shocked their family as he was extremely healthy and fit.

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Paul Malcolm had served as a British Army reservist and completed two Afghanistan operational tours.

The raised funds will assist in conducting more research on Brain Tumor.

Research shows that brain tumor mostly kills adults aged below 40 and children.

In Malcolm’s memory, Ms. Sykes’s family ensures that other families don’t go through the same experience.

Gordonstoun is a prestigious school in Moray near Elgin.

In 2019, the HM Inspectors described Gordonstoun School as sector-leading and outstanding.

At Gordonstoun, students are not only prepared for exams but also for after-school life.

‘Plus Est En Vous’ is the school’s motto which translates to ‘There Is More in You.’ The school work to instill this possibility sense to every student daily.

Gordonstoun School holds a 200-acre land, situated in the woodland estate, north of Scotland. The students enjoy a great background for their outdoor education programs.

Additionally, the school instills a sense of community in all students by actively engaging in local community activity.

Through Gordonstoun’s working week, the school also helps the students understand social and personal responsibility.

This also helps in building the student’s self-esteem.

The staff to student ratio at Gordonstoun is 1:7 with a 100 percent transition either to art schools, colleges, and universities worldwide.

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