Haroldo Jacobovicz Breakthrough in Information Technology Field

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a well-known entrepreneur and civil engineer in Brazil. The engineering careers inspired his journey towards becoming an engineer that his parents had. Besides his mother raising him and his three younger brothers, she also held a civil engineering position being the only female in their state. As a result, Haroldo Jacobovicz attended the Federal University of Parana, where he also pursued civil engineering.

However, his passion for information technology was stronger as he saw that innovation would be the world’s answer in the future. His parents were supportive of his decision and encouraged him to venture into this field and build something from nothing as they did.

Haroldo Jacobovicz decided to dive into the world of technology while still in college. He convinced three of his friends to team up with him and create a computer company, Microsystem, to streamline inventory management and cash flow system for small companies such as pharmacies and grocery stores by having them automated.

However, the business failed after a year, yet this did not derail his passion for IT. He had foreseen its transformative power. Besides, he recognized that the business failure was not a result of ineffective IT systems, but that small business was not ready to embrace technology yet.

Despite the rejection, he found favor with more established businesses, including Exxon Mobil, initially referred to as Esso, which employed him from many engineers. Haroldo Jacobovicz showed his commitment to work. His hard work resulted in him rising in ranks to serve as the company’s market analyst and head of commercial tactics and new businesses.

This sector of the company was headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From the experiences he garnered throughout his career, he later ventured on his own and started e-Governe Group and Horizons Telecom. The success of Horizons Telecom later led to the formation of Horizons Datacenter.