How Laura McQuade Succeeded

Laura knows now what it takes to have a career that is a big success but it was not easy to figure such a thing out. So how did she do it? Well, she was raised on a pig farm in the middle of the country &, while she did enjoy picking the crops & filling the trough, she knew that one day, she would find success in the corporate world. That’s why she was so anxious to go to college after her high schools days were behind her. When she started on her first day, she was eager to dive into her class work & land a good job but first she had to find out what her focus would be. After many years of searching, she was soon able to discover what this is. She had a lot of great experiences on campus such as networking with others & doing internships to build up her resume. After many years of being ensconced in academia, it was time for her to step into the real world. But before she did that, she first spent two years in grad school. By 93, she was finally ready to begin the interview process & it soon ended when she got an offer from PP. She was not sure if this was a good role but it turned out to be one of her favorites. She is now their new head honcho & will continue to build it up for years to come.

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