Insights From Greg Blatt’s successes

Greg Blatt has the admirable quality of venturing into different career paths and being successful in each. Some of the characteristics that have enabled him to thrive as a CEO, practicing Law and in the entertainment, industries are his great people skills, work ethic, a determined spirit and being a risk taker.

He started travelling after he earned his first degree and for upkeep did jobs such as house painting. He then became a bartender when he settled in Telluride, Colorado for some time. Greg Blatt then made the swift decision to join law school after which he ventured into practicing corporate law and finance in New York.

He made another change by venturing into entertainment law. With his people intelligence, he was able to make meaningful connections with recognizable personalities in the entertainment industry like Martha Stewart who offered him a job as general counsel in her company.

When asked how he remains productive at work, Greg Blatt acknowledges that face to face meetings are essential in creating dialogues to come up with effective ideas and solutions. Blatt believes flexibility helps to tackle tasks as they come up.

As a leader, Blatt creates an environment where ideas can be put into practice by working with the right team and overseeing all planned strategies. He is enthusiastic about virtual communication and video conferencing as it is more humane compared to phone calls.

Greg Blatt’s advice to entrepreneurs is to always ask why to understand why things or people work the way they do and to learn from all failures. See this article for additional information

About Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt has a bachelor’s degree in Arts in English Language, Literature/Letters, and economics in 1990. He pursued a Doctor of Law in Columbia Law School where he graduated in 1995 from Colgate University. Blatt is an Industry Executive and former CEO of Match Group. He has also been an executive for Tinder between and IAC family of companies. His net worth is over $250 million.


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