Jessica Dean: Attorney at Law

Jessica Dean is one of the most respected trial attorneys in the country. Jessica Dean’s attorney career started many years ago. She has been fighting against corporate malpractice for two decades. Jessica has developed a reputation for being effective. She is an advocate in the courtroom. 

Her closing arguments are always a highlight of any trial. She has successfully won many cases that others thought were unwinnable. 

Jessica Dean is a force to be reckoned with, and she will never back down from a fight.

Dean has received numerous awards and honors in her field. She is also a founding partner at Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP. 

The firm is in Dallas, Texas. Dean is also a frequent lecturer and author on legal topics.

She’s known as one of the Best Lawyers in Dallas by D Magazine. Dean was also named a Texas Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters. 

Below, Jessica Dean explains how she prepares her closing argument.

Have you received your jury charge and verdict form? Highlight anything that you want to be a PowerPoint or Keynote. Doing this will keep you on track. It also shows that you are impartial to the jury.

Jessica Dean prepares her closing argument by deleting everything from her opening statement. It’s to get rid of information that she doesn’t need. Dean keeps the main points but simplifies them to make her argument more concise. She also takes advantage of her opening statement. It reminds the jury of the evidence that supports her case. It helps to solidify her argument in the jurors’ minds and makes it more likely that they will find it in her favor.

Juries do not respond well to slides that are hard to follow. Jessica recommends using 15 words or less per slide. She does not limit how many she will use. Other lawyers make fun of her for using 300 slides.

When crafting your closing argument, it is essential to keep your argument fluid. You should do this right until the last minute. It ensures that your closing argument will be relevant to the jury. It also stops you from being overconfident and forgetting your defensive strategy.