Joey Feste helps professional athletes lead stay financially stable one dollar at a time.

Professional athletes make a lot of money. Busy schedules often keep them from directly overseeing their financial portfolio. They commission companies like KM Capital Management to assist them in the management of their income. Executive Joey Feste is, therefore, at the forefront of the effort to keep high-income athletes stay financially balanced.

An experienced investment advisor, Joey began his career at Rotan Mosley (now Paine Webber) and continued developing his career working for Morgan Stanley. During his time with Morgan Stanley, he began managing money for various professional athletes. He felt they needed more options than what Morgan Stanley provided. So, in 2004, he left the comfort of a good-paying job and established KM Capital. Since then he and the company have assisted many athletes to get and keep control of their money.

Joey employs three basic investment techniques on all levels of capital management. First, he ensures there is a comprehensive plan in action. This comprehensive plan, secondly, requires extensive research. The biggest part of that research is recognizing the client’s exact needs. Finally, he ensures the investments are properly diversified.

Joey Feste continues to make waves within the professional athletic industry nationwide. He, and KM Capital Management, works diligently to help all clients reach their financial goals.

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