Joseph Ashford: Strengthening cultures for professional growth

Joseph Ashford, an entrepreneur, is based in London. Also, considered one of the leading innovations in insurance technology. With his innovative ideas, he has many successful ventures, from unveiling the first car insurance app, ‘Covermate,’ in 2016 to working with Quidco on their iconic ‘cashback’ card and an idea which will change flight insurance forever – called Cover flip.

Joseph Ashford held various positions at companies before establishing K4 Global. Such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, Aviva, and Goldman Sachs. At RBS, he worked in credit risk management and global markets, and at Aviva, he was a product manager for group customer propositions. After leaving Goldman Sachs in 2010, Ashford used his finance background to launch K4 Global, with over 100 employees contributing to its professional success.

Ashford’s professional experience and business philosophy have made him an inspirational leader in the British insurance industry. He is also a contributor to many financial publications such as The Telegraph, City AM, and Huffington Post. Joseph Ashford Ellis has contributed to the London Business School as a member of the advisory board. He is also a committee member for life and property insurance at the Insurance Brokers Association, which further seeks to improve the industry through various events. Joseph Ashford has achieved success in business because he believes: ‘culture beats strategy. He thinks success is about people and how you can bring the best out of them. If employees are working towards what they believe in, then they will be motivated and productive employees. He states that being able to walk through fire with your team shows authentic leadership.

Ashford identifies and recruits the best talent to create creative and professional solutions. He practices what he preaches with his team; K4 Global has more women in senior management than the industry average of 20%. Also, runs mentoring and development programs for interns at K4 Global.


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Joseph Ashford supports various charities and organizations that help children in need. He is the founder of HELP International Charity, which primarily helps underprivileged people worldwide with education and well-being support. Ashford engages in community projects such as the Ministry of Defence Start-Up Programme, mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. He has also encouraged his employees to be more environmentally friendly by running a ‘flip it campaign every month; this involves everyone in the firm switching their flight insurance provider.

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