Josh Garza

Josh Garza: A Bonham Disciple Carves His Path

Josh Garza is the founder of one of the most well-known Bitcoin companies in the world, GAW Miners.

This story is extraordinary, from his company’s beginnings in a garage to making over 100 million dollars.

While he founded GAW Miners, Garza has also primarily been a behind-the-scenes figure that drove significant portions of the company’s success.

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In this piece, Garza opens up about how he does not necessarily follow in the footsteps of many who came before him and has instead carved his path for success.

However, a few months later, federal agents arrested Garza and seized the entire Silk Road website.

In an unlikely turn of events, it seems that Garza may have been caught up in Ulbricht’s downfall.

Despite this setback, Garza is still forging his path and has announced plans to start a new black market called DarkMarket.

How did Garza initiate his cryptocurrency journey?

Josh Garza’s journey into cryptocurrency began in earnest when he discovered Bitcoin.

At the time, Bitcoin was only available as an online currency, and Garza saw its potential.

He became a part of the digital currency community and began learning more about it.

He also became interested in other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, and decided to invest in them.

Today, Garza is different from when he began his cryptocurrency journey.

He has learned from his mistakes and is now focused on developing new ways to make money through blockchain technology.

He is also working on creating a new digital currency called Solid coin.

Bitcoin Foundation

Josh Garza, a Bonham disciple and CEO of GAW Miners, is carving his path in the world of cryptocurrency.

He started GAW Miners in 2014 after leaving his previous company BitPay.

Garza is known for his innovative ideas and for being very hands-on with his businesses.

In this interview, he discusses his experience as a Bonham disciple, how he approaches entrepreneurship, and what advice he would give others starting in the cryptocurrency industry.


Josh Garza, a self-proclaimed “discipleship evangelist” who runs the popular bitcoin exchange Coinbase, has carved out his path in the bitcoin world.


Josh Garza, the CEO of BitInstant and the founder of, is a bonafide disciple of the dark arts.

He has carved out his path in the world of Bitcoin, which many others would be wise to avoid if they know what’s good for them.

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