Juan Monteverde – A Defender of Shareholders

Juan Monteverde is a founder and managing partner of Monteverde and Associates PC. He specializes in the representation of shareholders who suffered financial losses during mergers or through misleading advertising.
His success in this business has lead him to prestige among the lawyer community. Super Lawyers has recognized Monteverde as a New York Metro Rising Star in Securities Litigation. What’s more is that Monteverde is a Top Rated Lawer recognized by Martindale-Hubbell. He is also a regular speaker at ACI, PLI, and ABA and has also written many extensive articles on securities litigation and executive compensation.

Juan Monteverde spent a decade working in a number of firms as the head of securities litigation. This was before he started his own firm specializing in shareholder protection with an emphasis on merger and aquisition transactions. Monteverde was able to make money at his new firm immediately as he carried cases over from his previous firm.

Monteverde generates profits only in the instances where the shareholders he represents profit as well. This is done through contingency fees where Monteverde collects a percentage of what the shareholders win.

Juan Monteverde is driven by his want to help his clients. In his interview on Inspirery, Monteverde notes that, in the legal world, there is no room for doubt and that putting the clients’ interests first almost always leads to success.

I would encourage you check out Juan Monteverde’s interview on Inspirery.com. Monteverde goes into detail on where he finds his inspiration and how his hard work ethic has lead him to become a top lawyer in his field. He also details how he managed his business through the COVID-19 pandemic and how he finds new clients among a multitude of other subjects.

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