Juan Monteverde and His Journey in the Legal Industry

Whether you want to become a lawyer or just interested in what the career looks like, one of the best ways of getting the information you need is looking at the professional journey of someone with extensive experience in the field. Juan is a successful securities attorney and operates his law firm. Like many legal professionals, at first, he never thought about practicing law earlier in his life.

The attorney got into an educational path that was focused on another area. When he joined the university, his goal was to pursue a career in finance. This is because he saw this as a way of being one of the professionals who shape the global economies. While he specialized in finance, he changed his mind about what he wanted to pursue during his undergraduate studies.

Much of the shift happened when he decided to take a part-time job at a local law firm. Although he initially accepted the position to get an extra source of income, he later started admiring the profession. His admiration for the career came into full form after participating in a trial involving two landowners who were disputing land ownership that other investors were developing.

Eventually, the jury ruled in favor of the landowners, enabling them to retain their financial strength. The legal battle was a vital lesson for the finance graduate, and he realized he could help people get justice as a lawyer. According to him, pursuing a legal career would enable him to rectify injustices and ensure victims get compensation for the losses they may incur.

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