Juan Monteverde’s Journey to Law

Sometimes when we thought we have it figured out, life throws something different at us. Such was the case for Juan Monteverde.

A graduate of California State University, Northridge, Juan always wanted to pursue a career in Finance. He had always been interested in the Financial Market, intrigued how it shapes global economies.

Even with a B.S in Finance, Juan needed to find a way to support himself. That was his main reason for taking a part time job at a local firm. Only he had no idea it was going to be the beginning of his journey towards becoming a lawyer.

Juan Monteverde then decided to pursue a career in law. Graduating from St. Thomas University’s School of Law, he was well known for this determination and efforts inside and out of class. This same effort led him to work at a defense law firm.

Working at Diaz Rues, a firm known for its sophisticated litigation and arbitration, gave Juan the opportunity to work with multinational and Fortune 500 corporations. Eventually, he turned his attention to the securities field, realizing that civil litigation wasn’t for him. In the securities field, he was able to represent victims of securities fraud, mutual fund abuse, consumer fraud, and more.

Today, Juan Monteverde is a well-known and respected securities lawyer in New York City where he runs his own firm – Monteverde & Associates. His journey is just one of the many examples of how life can turn out so differently than planned

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