Making Moves in Supply Chain Development is Jake Medwell’s Day Job

Jake Medwell is a venture capitalist based out of Austin TX that has transformed multiple industries and supply chains into viable business models. Jake began his post secondary education at the prestigious USC Marshall School of Business and is one of their most active alumni to date. Cutting his teeth at his first corporate position with Investech, Jake has gone on to innovate some of the biggest supply chain surges in the United States through his think tank, the Kairos Society, and his investment group 8VC.

His first major foray into the tech space was founding the company Humin, a consumer interaction software that he later sold to IAC who used his program to launch the popular dating app, Tinder. He was ahead of most of the industry when he became involved with the Sole Bicycles company, and continued to serve as an active participant on their Board of Directors as recently as 2020.

He currently serves as a corporate advisor for such notable brands as Allbirds, Baton, Rubicon Global, and Formation 8. But perhaps his greatest achievement stems from the recent COVID pandemic–when Jake used his strategic acumen to launch Jake and his group of other corporate strategists founded the non profit organization to eliminate delays getting vital PPE to frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic by creating partnerships between the US and China to deliver quality goods. Some recipients of his work during the initial wave of the virus included the states of IL, HI and hard hit NY.

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