Michael Capiraso: How New York Residents can Train during the Pandemic

When you chose to become a professional runner, training should be done often. Without training in a good way, Michael Capiraso sees many people get fractures, shin splints, overuse injuries and sprains. COVID-19 shouldn’t affect your training as a runner who is on a mission to have a good body. There are additional risks currently, but you can navigate them with the safety protocols. Michael Capiraso knows how much time has passed without training. These training ideas are ideal to make you get on track again;

Start slow

When you start your training process after a long time, you must not be in a rush. Michael Capiraso discourages people who want to stress their bodies by pushing it too hard. Start by being keen on the minutes you spend running than focusing on the miles you have covered. At the end of the day, you will find a pace that works for you. The pace should be very comfortable, making you have very little body strain. Learn to take some breaks from training. Supplement the training doing lifting weights or meditating.

Use the idea equipment

When running, you need the right and most comfortable equipment. With the right shoes, for instance, runners will start to feel that they have the right support. One of the equipment you should not forget when training is your face masks. Get the ideal material for the mask before leaving for your training. Wear comfortable sneakers and cover your face with a good facial masks and you will be good to start your training. Not all face masks can be worn by athletes.

Social distance

Learn to protect yourself when outside doing your training. Train away from other people for your own personal safety. Getting sick during your training can leave you with bigger health challenges.

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