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Fortress Investment Group: An Exciting New Chapter Coming Soon in Major Florida Cities

October 6, 2018 • divinefuel

The people at Fortress Investment Group take their job very seriously. This is evident in the article entitled “Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline Receives $1.75 Billion in Funding”. It talks about recent efforts made by the Brightline sector of Fortress Investment Group to expand a railway project for commuting trains from Miami and West Palm Beach. This additional line of the commuter track will be a monumental beacon for the surrounding community. Instead of having to suffer through slow traffic, travelers would have a faster option available to them. A change in the way that people commute can have a positive impact on their overall quality of life. This project is more than just a change in local infrastructure, it will be part of a new way of life.

Brightline’s trains can go up to 80 miles per hour. As mentioned previously in this article Brightline offers a faster option than gridlocked traffic can provide. This is without mentioning the fact that travelers will have an opportunity to commute without worrying about driving themselves. This will give them a chance to catch up on news or go through work items before they enter the door. It is also an opportunity to unwind after a tough day for travelers go home to their families. The opportunities that will be presented by this rail system are extremely beneficial to the local community’s way of life.

Jobs are also slated to grow along with the rail line. In fact, it is estimated that almost 7000 new jobs will be created by this opportunity with $400 million filtering into the Florida economy due to construction costs. This is not factoring in the additional development that will take place around the stops for the railway. As travelers can get into the cities through the systems development around the stops is going to be inevitable. This will create opportunities in shops, construction, and restaurants centered around these locations. It allows residents to be more spread out and grow their smaller subsections of the Florida economy.

The reason why Brightline can take on such a substantial project is because of the support they receive from their parent company Fortress Investment Group. This exciting investment firm was started in 1998 with the intention of disrupting the stagnant financial market. Fortress Investment Group was able to meet those goals and more throughout the 20 years that they have been in operation. Their success with their affiliate companies such as Brightline shows the strong level of leadership that they maintain throughout their company.

Gareth Henry Steers Fortress Investment Group Forward

September 29, 2018 • divinefuel

Gareth Henry is a visionary CEO of Fortress Investment Group, a chief worldwide organization. It exchanges private value and genuine domains among others. He has a degree in actuarial science and arithmetic from the University Of Edinburgh, Scotland. Through his involvement in the region of back, he has possessed the capacity to keep giving sound money related exhortation. Through devotion, Fortress total assets has significantly expanded. He has likewise been maintaining privately-run company since 1997.

Gareth Henry has faith in defining objectives and accomplishing them, a character he has kept on grasping since he joined the organization. This has drastically affected on the organization development prompting the procurement of benefits raising the organization’s total assets.

Each organization requires destinations both short and longterm. Gareth Henry underlines that it influences the representatives and chiefs to have a course. This is on account of without a dream in the business, one may not deliver much benefit. Building up client certainty and faithfulness is basic in an effective organization.

Gareth has fantastic supervisory abilities a character that his associates praise. He has refined his group to be devoted to giving the best. Gareth Henry confides in it is important to enable your staff with the required learning keeping in mind the end goal to empower them to enhance in their regions of administration.

His initiative at Fortress venture bunch is huge particularly speculations the organization has attempted in his residency. He utilizes his monetary foundation and experience to dissect strategies for success before actualizing them.

Concentrate money related explanations and translating them, is the best way to deal with the budgetary parts of an organization successfully. Gareth has expanded the responsibility in the firm and grasping Gareth demand that an organization needs to put resources into the documentation. Clear records are required for reasons for money related review and constant checking assessments.

Gareth has been working for the organization since 2007, and his work is urging in regards to benefit because of the present triumphs in building business connections. In addition, he is likewise in charge of raising capital and building customer connections in the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: Medicine and Its Continued Integration with Technology

September 21, 2018 • divinefuel

Imagine if you could video chat with your doctor much like you do with your friends from the comfort of your own home. You could explain to them your symptoms and to complete a virtual examination. Not only would the visit be convenient for you but it would also be a very cost-effective option. Your doctor would then be able to complete multiple evaluations in an hour. People that could not afford doctor visits before would have access to them through a whole other wave of technological advancement. This is not something that is far off in the future. In fact, medical professional Dr. Mark McKenna talks about the potential of these types of technologies through his blog article “The Future of On Demand Apps with Dr. S Mark Mckenna”. This article helps people understand the untapped potential that is available still in this market.

Dr. Mark McKenna is well known as an established entrepreneur and leader of his industry. He obtained an MBA and his medical degree from the Tulane University. He chose a double major because his love of medicine and business technology seemed to fight for his affection. That was when he decided to major in and become an expert in both. Dr. Mark McKenna is well known today as the pioneering owner of OVME aesthetics. This company is geared towards medical aesthetics and is increasing the integration of technology into their services. Dr. Mark McKenna believes that technology is going to be used increasingly throughout the medical field. The scenario listed above is just one of the features that he sees.

At this time, Dr. Mark McKenna allows his patients to schedule visits through an app on their smartphone. This allows them to receive medical care efficiently and in a place of their choosing. He believes that such freedom to schedule their medical visits will allow people to open themselves up for more medical care. Too often, people put off this process because they do not have the time necessary to go in for a proper doctor visit. Dr. Mark McKenna is hoping to limit this in the future and grow the use of medical professionals who of integrated with technology.

Adam Milstein Pays Mind To The Troubles Of Young Jews

September 19, 2018 • divinefuel

Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American who is employed by Hager Pacific Properties, feels passion for Jewry. With Adam Milstein, the number one word is Zionism. He is all about Zionism, and he keeps talking about it through speeches at conferences, published articles and social media. If there is anybody who is the epitome of evil, it is an anti-Zionist—in the opinion of Adam Milstein. He equates anti-Zionism with antisemitism. This is because of the fact that having a land to call their own is the dream of Jews. Not having a land of their own makes them extremely vulnerable to the aggressive advances of majority populations and governments that are controlled by majority populations who are not them. Zionism is crucial to the safety and security of Jewish people. Having a physical homeland in a biblically prescribed place is also extremely important for concreting Jewish identity.

For thousands of years, Jews have wandered around the planet, with a constant series of dramatic events happening throughout the years. Ever since biblical times, they have been ethnic, racial and religious minorities in places where they have resided. This has led to them being scapegoated for a variety of bad things and abused by majority populations. There have also been some negative aspects of their societies that majority populations have taken out of proportion. These negative aspects have been cited as justifications for antisemitism. However, antisemitism is never justified. This is why Israel must exist, and why Adam Milstein rallies for Zionism.

There are many factors that serve as challenges to Zionism. For example, young Jews are being chased out of Israel by poor economic conditions. Adam Milstein has taken on this problem in the articles and posts that he has published. There is no shortage of young, educated people who cannot find employment. There is also no shortage of people who are unable to save up money and own property. The way that Israel is described, it sounds like a place where only extraordinarily wealthy people can live in comfort with a prospective future—kind of like Dubai.

Organo Gold: To Coffee and Beyond

September 12, 2018 • divinefuel

Started in 2008, Organo Gold has aimed to reach customers worldwide with their standout organic coffee products, brews, beauty products and so much more. Organo Gold has been approaching the idea of coffee by providing coffee products and supplements for people constantly on the go, matching up well with products found in other small and well-known coffee businesses nationwide. Organo Gold supplies coffee for families to consume and for companies to profit from heavily. While Organo Gold is well-versed in coffee, tea, and flavored drinks to name a few, it is also responsible for some organic products that include but are not limited to mycelium, grape seed oil, nutritional shakes, beauty bars and spore powder.


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Organo Gold is home to the Gourmet King of Coffee, an arabica roast with enough nutrients and antioxidants to shift how people see instant coffee. With their red and green teas, they contain Ganoderma which contains antioxidants and they have something to offer avid tea drinkers. Given the influx of people attending the gym in recent years, body management has become a large part of culture as a whole. Organo Gold has tapped into that market through supplements like Ganoderma Mycelium and Fenix XT. Fenix XT, for example, is an energy drink that gives a much needed boost to endurance, stamina and performance with hydration to keep active people moving as much as possible. Those who buy Organo Gold also benefit from the holistic approach to personal care items such as soap and honey-colored toothpaste which brings customers fresh teeth. Whether it’s as a customer or an entrepreneur, people are sure to enjoy what Organo Gold has to offer.

Wes Edens Is a Great Man the Business World Highly Esteems

September 8, 2018 • divinefuel

Although everyone desires leadership, it’s not a task everyone would do. Leadership positions without the right skills and expertise lead to great failure. While some people will thrive in any leadership position, others will use the positions for their own gain. True leaders are selfless and ready to go to any mile to make others or the organization succeed. No company is ready to employ someone who will lead the business to failure. Any company you come across has different leadership positions from the junior positions to the senior ones. Wes Edens is a business leader who can help you understand what successful leadership means. His impact at Fortress Investment Group will always leave the hearts of many people thankful. His leadership skills are excellent, and many people admire him for this.

Although the company could at times face certain challenges, Wes always ensured the stakeholders stayed impressed. Not everyone would do what he did if given the same position. Besides having a huge academic background in business issues, Wes Edens also had some unique innate leadership qualities. The top leadership at Fortress Investment Group was careful when appointing its leaders to be a global voice in the food processing world. Through his immense intelligence, Wes helped the company accomplish most of its dreams. Wes believes in working with friends and colleagues who see things the way he sees them. He could only select people with the same vision and focus on life to do something together. He knew many customers were experiencing various problems managing their wealth.

Most people have billions of dollars banked, but they can’t get a reputable and honest person to offer the right financial management solutions. If Wes Edens didn’t join Fortress Investment Group, it wouldn’t have managed its money and other financial resources well to realize its current remarkable growth. Wes Edens was in Oregon State University for his Finance and Administration degree in 1984. He then worked with Lehman Brothers for a while before he advanced his business career at Fortress Investment Group. Wes is so passionate about sports, and he recently bought Aston Villa Club. He uses much of his money to support the team and help it win its England premier leagues. Wes also puts some funds aside to support academic institutions such as Florida fountain University, Macalester University College, and Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Some of his fascinating hobbies include mountain climbing and horse riding among other sports. He is known to have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and Matterhorn.

Paul Mampilly Says Digital Healthcare And Smart Pills Are Destined To Move Ahead

September 8, 2018 • divinefuel

Senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, and resident investment advisor, Paul Mampilly says we are on a new frontier for healthcare and e-medicine. A new pill, that’s digital, has been approved by the FDA. This pill communicates with a patch, equipped with a sensor, that is worn by the patient. This patch then sends data about the patients prescribed medication to a application that resides on patient’s smartphone. The patient can exchange the information for doctors, or other authorized healthcare staff to review. The way Paul Mampilly see’s it, this digital medicine is a gold mine for the economy.

Evolving To Digital Is A Natural Evolution

Electronic health care is considered an almost natural evolution of care in the digital age, destined to move more and more therapies and patient monitoring outside the hospital, driven also by the increasing availability of dedicated sensors and apps.

Experts estimate that digital monitoring of heart patients could improve survival rates by 15 percent, while it could reduce the number of hospital days by 26 percent, and consequently save 10 percent of healthcare costs. In addition, using electronic devices could reduce therapeutic compliance errors. Mampilly points out that it is also expected that digital medicine will be crucial to keeping healthcare accessible and affordable for all.

According to Paul Mampilly, with the increase of chronic diseases and the decrease of available resources, this new formula of modern medicine could become the best existing service worldwide. For the patient, there is constant monitoring, which can be useful to control the amount of prescribed drugs, hospitalizations, and days of therapy.

Will Freedom Be Limited?

The limits to our freedom is the most common concern. Should everyone be identified, filed and classified? The debate still comes back to “Big Brother” knowing everything about us, however says Mampilly, aren’t we already being voluntarily followed and monitored by the thousands of apps we give approval to everyday.

Digital transformation would certainly lead to a savings in healthcare, says Paul Mampilly, and overall, we probably would be able to improve services.

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Krishen Iyer Interview!

September 7, 2018 • divinefuel

Krishen Iyer is a partner with Managed Benefits, a company that is also known as Quick Link Marketing.

Managed Benefits focuses on providing to its clients marketing solutions.

The company serves as a middle man in that it connects clients to the companies that are able to satisfy the client’s particular needs.

Krishen Iyer, like many entrepreneurs, believe in reading.

One does not know everything and always has plenty of room to grow.

A book that Iyer recommends is On Writing: A Memoir of the Craftby the famed author, Stephen King.

Iyer says that, although the book isn’t marketed towards entrepreneurs nor geared towards entrepreneurship, great tips can be gleaned from it.

Indeed, the Fresno, California resident finds inspiration in many things, including film.

His favorite quote is a line from the classic film, True Grit.

The quote is, “I do not entertain hypotheticals – the world as it is, is vexing enough.”

This quote serves as a reminder to Iyer to not live in regret nor to look back to wonder how things could have turned out had he done them differently.

Instead of wasting time looking back, Iyer lives his life with no regrets for any decision he’s ever made while working in his field.

Although Krishen Iyer believes that things like regrets are unneeded, he does see the need for many other things, including the skill of communication.

The Managed Benefits partner considers communication to be both a talent and a skill.

However, no matter how talented a person may be in the area of communication, everything needs to be practiced in order to be refined.

Whenever possible, an entrepreneur should seek to extend his vocabulary or to practice speaking confidently because clients and customers buy what you’re selling and believe in simply because you’ve convinced them to believe in you.

The Many Entrepreneurial Accomplishments Of Guilherme Paulus

September 4, 2018 • divinefuel

Guilherme Paulus has recently joined the ranks of the world’s wealthiest people. He has a net worth of approximately 1.1 billion dollars. He managed to acquire the majority of his wealth through the many successes of his multiple business ventures. Guilherme Paulus has been the co-founder of the CVC Travel Agency in 1972, the founder of the GJP Network in 2005 and has even managed to acquire an airline named Webjet in 2006.

Guilherme has been recognized as one of the best business man in the tourist industry in his home country of Brazil. Many Brazilian magazines have given him titles such as Personality of the Year and Executive of Valor. Guilherme Paulus has been honored by several International governments for the contributions that he has made to the tourism industry. In 2012, the French government honoring him for his many contributions that he made to the development and promotion of tourism in France. Other countries that have also recognized the services that he rented to tourism or Mexico, the United States, Argentina and Venezuela. View Guilherme Paulus profile at Forbes

For his financial success, yes not forgotten to give back to the community. One of his companies, the CVC travel agency, is actively engaged in supporting the communities that it is based in. The CVC travel agency supports programs that train people in many professions in the tourism industry. The CVC also supports the community by providing medical and psychological care and it also provides for the younger people. For him the secret to success is

His other company, the GJP Hotels and Resorts Network, has attained its massive success by constantly implementing a commitment to customer satisfaction. The GJP Hotels and Resorts Network has control of 19 hotels and resorts in the country of Brazil. It is looking to build and acquire more hotels near Brazilian airports.

At the time of its acquisition, Webjet airlines only had one aircraft in its Fleet. Guilherme Paulus managed to transform the small airline into the third largest airline that operates in the country of Brazil. It now has 20 aircraft, and he sold the company to gol in 2011.

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Betsy DeVos Ponders Everything

August 30, 2018 • divinefuel

Betsy DeVos has a pretty straightforward mind. That doesn’t mean that her mind is common in any manner, however. DeVos has been thinking outside the box now for years and even decades. She started thinking in an innovative and fresh way long before she earned the title of “Secretary of Education” for President Donald Trump’s team. DeVos went to school with many driven students as Elisabeth Prince. This was during the seventies. Although the world was extremely different then, there were certain things that were the same. Politics already were a massive focal point in the United States. That’s precisely why DeVos committed so much time to political subjects. DeVos was tackling all kinds of political topics effectively at Michigan’s Calvin College.


This American educational secretary realizes that she’s fortunate. That’s the reason she never complains about her circumstances. She takes her energy and uses it as fuel that can help her assist other human beings. She frequently assists them through a charity group that’s named the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. DeVos naturally set that group up with the help of Dick, her unforgettable husband. Dick and Betsy brought the organization to the public in the eighties. They haven’t forsaken it, either. Their organization donations are frequent.


There are many people all around the world who are reluctant to let other individuals know how they feel. People often have personalities that are somewhat reticent. DeVos isn’t part of this group at all. Individuals should note, though, that DeVos is sensitive enough to realize that there is a time and a place for certain things. She doesn’t always communicate her deepest feelings and thoughts. She likes to do what she can to project a feeling of control and poise. President Trump likely chose her to manage Education Secretary tasks due to her measured temperament. She has a demeanor that’s never frenetic. She has a demeanor that’s consistently serene.


There are so many topics in this world that captivate DeVos. She thinks in striking detail about how the school system in the United States needs educational choice. She thinks carefully about educational vouchers and how they can assist certain American households. She thinks regularly about charter schools and all of the advantages they can introduce to many kids. DeVos likes to ponder all of her options any time she can. She doesn’t ever like to embrace limitations for a second.


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