Pam Baer’s Push For Mental Health Care

Pamela Baer is well-known for her community and philanthropic work and has been directly involved in various causes. One top priority cause has been the public healthcare system, especially behavioral and mental health. Pam Baer has been crucial in strategy work, events, and capital campaigns that assist in funding solutions so as to help the most vulnerable in the community.

The pandemic has brought various issues to light and the need for public health support. The vulnerable are in great need of support and ZSFG (Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital) is a safety net for many people. As a result, Baer’s commitment to the causes of the foundation continues.

At ZSFG, the dedicated team serves those experiencing a lack of insurance, homelessness, and poverty. The team also assists local people of color and recent immigrants as well. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have focused on the matter of how someone’s socio-economic situation can directly impact their general wellness and wealth. The foundation’s mission for 2021 is to fund and support excellence in innovation and patient care at ZSFG because they believe in quality healthcare, access, and health equity for everyone.

Pam Baer claims that issues arising from mental health are common among most vulnerable citizens. These problems have been amplified due to the COVID-19 crisis and the foundation has to operate with maximum efficiency through this pandemic to support the vulnerable in the community.

Pam Baer helped launch and create the Behavioral Health and Transform Mental Fund in 2018. The foundation pilots and supports mental health initiatives and programs and has raised an excess of five million dollars since its establishment.

Its aim is to provide easily accessible health care and also destigmatize issues of mental health. When the pandemic surfaced, there was a greater need for mental health support and facilities. They have managed to help initiate and fund programs like Telecare Health and Acute Care Team so as t make care accessible and safe during the pandemic. Read this article for more information.


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