Posigen is the Number One Solar Energy Company in Providing Sustainable Options

PosiGen has been providing sustainable options to clients for over a decade. PosiGen is committed to making the earth a better place through its products and services. They have employed women and people of color because they believe everybody should be given equal opportunity to earn a living. PosiGen’s mission is to provide long-term value by generating renewable energy solutions, promoting energy efficiency and managing risk with innovative financing models. 


PosiGen solar power offers high-quality solar panels for residential and commercial applications, as well as home energy audits and construction loans. Posigen also offers green leases that allow interested parties to make monthly payments. This, instead of one lump sum upfront purchase price when installing solar systems on their property. Posigen solar power company’s goal is not only to help reduce carbon footprint but also save money in the process. PosiGen has been voted as one of the Top 100 Solar Contractors by Solarpowerworldonline.com for 2015 and 2016. 


The solar power energy company also focuses on education, installation and financing to provide their clients with valuable information that will help them achieve energy efficiency goals in a timely manner without breaking the bank. Posigen was created out of necessity because people wanted better energy options. Posigen’s team members are passionate about what they do, which makes PosiGen a more outstanding company.


Over the last ten years, PosiGen has developed an experience-based technology-based business model with proven success in the residential renewable energy space. Unlike most residential renewable energy companies, PosiGen has developed a unique program. They make it simple to install the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in-house, while maintaining a high level of customer service the homes to earn a credit is the fastest growing and most comprehensive residential renewable energy platform in the nation.