Posigen Making a Major Difference On The Home Energy Front

During the latter part of August 2005, Hurricane Catrina left significant damage displacing homes and families throughout the state of Louisiana, especially those who resided in the New Orleans metropolitan area. As a result, companies began to offer solar energy installation as an option to those who were reestablishing their homes. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart along with staff members at the firm of solar power company was one of those offering the lower costs available for all. Unfortunately, numerous low-to-moderate income families were unable to afford the cost to purchase and install solar panels so as to take advantage of this alternative. Hence, Posigen was soon birthed to address the apparent disparity.


It is noted at the present time that Posigen has an estimated customer base of 15,000 patrons. The audience composition is said to be low-to-moderate income families and or communities of color. Posigen states that patrons can save over time by utilizing solar energy. Their main focus is to help families save money. This occurs, Thomas Neyhart points out, admittedly in varying amounts per season, as the homeowner is credited a decline in his or her utility bill based on the amount of electricity generated by the home itself. This excess amount is then supplied to the general grid. An estimate of 30 percent savings may be possible during the months when sunshine availability is optimal. 


This savings may be applied to that time of year when sun exposure is notably less. Savings may also be realized by the homeowner at the time of transition to solar energy. There are noted to be state, federal and some local incentive programs across the United States offering some form of subsidy or credit to those making the move to solar (Techbullion). 

The foundation principle on which the above is based concerns protecting the environment by minimizing carbon emissions. Solar panels are said to be electric devices that change light energy, in this case, sunlight energy, into direct current electricity. The technical term for such devices is photovoltaic cells. According to Thomas Neyhart, it is this electricity from these cells that provides a home the power needed or on occasion beyond need and thus fed back to the grid. Savings too, is realized from Posigen offering a fixed lease one can anticipate paying each month. Thus the savings occur utility bill credits received along with the fixed lease.