Razer CEO Supporting Governments Worldwide To Fight Covid-19

When Covid-19 hit an international scale, private sectors reacted in a wartime mobilization design to combat coronavirus. Successful entrepreneurs globally, including reputable individuals like Elon Musk, were noted to pledge equipment, including ventilators. Whole governmental authorities like the Trump administration discussed with auto manufacturers like Ford and GM likely for support in fighting the looming equipment shortage crisis. Globally recognized organizations also aligned themselves with the global interest, including Razer Inc, a renowned gaming PC producer.

On a Twitter thread, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan stated that together with his workforce, they were repurposing some manufacturing. They wanted to generate essential Personal Protective Equipment, including surgical face masks. He added that they were going to donate these products to help curb coronavirus spread. In the post, Min-Liang also discussed the growing demand for Razer gaming products because of mandatory work-from-home regulations worldwide.

Tan also stated that Razer was concerned about covid-19 and worked dedicated to establishing the mask-producing sites within the thread. The facilities would continuously work to ensure the establishment of an initiative that would run throughout the crisis.

The Razer CEO explained his concern with growing covid-19 cases worldwide as healthcare authorities globally faced a shortage of masks. Min-Liang was especially concerned about frontline workers risking their lives without PPEs to keep masses safe against coronavirus.

With various countries banning the export of face masks because of looming shortages, Tan felt that each sector had to support the fighting of covid-19. He openly stated that they would shift some sections even though demand was rising for gaming equipment as people continued staying indoors. Mask production had become vital in promoting international wellbeing.

Razer assembled its engineers and designers who worked 24-hour long shifts to convert existing production lines into mask manufacturing lines. Their initial target included donating about 1 million surgical masks to governmental medical care authorities in multiple countries. Go to this page for more information.

Background Details

Led by Min-Liang Tan, Razer sent its first shipments to the Singaporean authorities to support their devoted fight against coronavirus.


More about Tan on https://www.yahoo.com/now/razer-ceo-min-liang-tan-192024255.html