Ross Levinsohn Delivers Results at Maven

Ross LevinsohnMany people try entrepreneurship, but not all of them are as drawn to it as Ross Levinsohn. His career started this way in 1985, when he launched Ross Productions with a classmate from American University. They operated the production company for four years. Levinsohn moved over to HBO in order to run promotions at Time Warner Sports. After five years, followed this up with several years in production of a television show for CBS.

In 1999, the internet boom was going strong, and Levinsohn wanted to utilize that energy. He joined Alta Vista. It planned to create a search portal in order to compete with the other companies doing the same thing. Though the project was eventually junked, it gave Levinsohn critical experience with the way technology facilitates communications in the modern age.

Fox Interactive Sports Media offered a managerial role to Levinsohn in 2001, and he accepted. This gave an additional boost to his adeptness at the use of technology in media and communications. By 2004, he was the corporate CEO. In 2006, he launched another entrepreneurial effort. He and James Heckman originated 5to1, a digital advertising business. After four years, Yahoo bought it from them.

Though Heckman and Levinsohn parted ways at that time, they wouldn’t stay apart for long. Ross Levinsohn spent some years working at Yahoo, eventually serving as an interim CEO in 2012. He also functioned as the CEO of the Tribine Company, Los Angeles Times and Guggenheim partners. For his part, Heckman founded Maven. It grew from a small media management company to a holder of more than 300 online and printed publications by 2019.

In 2019, Maven acquired Sports Illustrated. Heckman recognized that it needed to be updated for modern times, and he knew Levinsohn was the right one to make this happen. Levinsohn agreed to join Heckman, and the results were spectacular for him, Sports Illustrated and Maven. Heckman decided that 2020 was the right time to retire. He asked Levinsohn to lead the company, and an agreement was reached. Ross Levinsohn started serving as Maven’s CEO in the middle of August.