Ross Levinsohn Now Directs Maven

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is an American businessman and entrepreneur. As soon as he earned a degree in broadcast communications in 1985, he hit the ground running. Levinsohn and another graduate from American University founded a successful production firm, which they operated for four years. Levinsohn’s early career also included several years in promotions at Time Warner Sports and production at SportsLine. As his career moved on, he joined Alta Vista. The year 1999 was a big time for the internet, and Levinsohn assisted with the firm’s plan to launch a portal.

In 2001, Levinsohn accepted a supervisory role at Fox Interactive Sports Media. He coordinated its online content and news updates. He did well in the role, and he was soon promoted to CEO of Fox Interactive Media. The entrepreneurial bug bit again, and he left in 2006. He and another media and technology professional, James Heckman, began a digital ad agency. Levinsohn saw that digital ads would be the marketing technique of the future, and that was how 5to1 came into being. Heckman and Levinsohn sold 5to1 to Yahoo! in 2010.

Levinsohn joined Yahoo!, accepting a CEO role under its Americas division. When Yahoo! needed a short-term CEO in 2012, its board of directors selected Levinsohn for the role. When a new CEO was found, Levinsohn moved on to serve as the CEO at a range of other organizations in the media and communications industries. He worked at Tribune, Guggenheim Media and the Los Angeles Times as the CEO of those organizations.

Heckman reached out to Levinsohn in 2019. Heckman founded Maven after he and Levinsohn sold 5to1. Over the years, Maven bought 300 online and printed publications and brands. It owns Maxim, Biography and Heckman wanted Ross Levinsohn to be the president of Sports Illustrated Media, which was the firm’s newest acquisition. Levinsohn accepted the offer. He grew Sports Illustrated’s readership and audience base. In the middle of 2020, Heckman announced plans to retire from Maven. He offered the position of CEO to Levinsohn, who accepted. Ross Levinsohn started working as the CEO of Maven in August 2020.