SeaWorld Opens its Doors for Holiday Celebrations

The last twelve months have been giving many institutions and families a difficult time. What started as an ordinary flu has claimed many lives. Business establishments have not been spared by the raging pandemic. The impact of the healthcare situation has been felt by most investments, especially those who do not specialize in essential services. With customers remaining in their houses and working away from the office, most public places have been deserted. SeaWorld had to deal with similar business challenges. The organization has always celebrated its milestones and prosperity at the end of every year. When the pandemic began, most businesses were ordered by authorities to shut down. SeaWorld was among the closed businesses. The institution suffered major losses in the first months, but it had to come up with effective ways of supporting their animals and ensuring that some of their employees remained on the payroll. During Christmas, when people were starting to deal and accept with the pandemic, SeaWorld opened its doors. View more on Instagram

The first people to visit the facility immediately it was established, were army officers. Members of the army are always away from their families. While serving the nation, these special individuals fail to bond and celebrate important holidays with their children. This year, the army had a great time in this amazing facility. The officials serving in the firm ensured that the families had a great day filled with fun activities. There were free shows for everyone, not forgetting the free rides for people the families. The Christmas meal was served in time too for the families. The celebration lasted several hours. At the end of the day, the members of the army and their families went home content and happy because of the memories they had created. During the celebration, the guests safety was guaranteed. All healthcare guidelines were followed.

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