TerraNovaCorp: Capturing A Dream

TerraNovaCorp is known for buying up property and turning them into successful investment projects that people will want to lease or own for their businesses. One such property is in Coral Gables which is located on Miracle Miles. California Pizza Kitchen was using the property for its business before the pandemic caused it to shut down. Now Stephen Bittel has been able to get the property for $6 million. It becomes the 12th property that the company has purchased, and a loan for $3 million was used to help make it happen. The retail property belonged to The Mildred Weissel Trust owned it before selling it to TerraNovaCorp.

TerraNovaCorp is one of a few top real estate firms in Southern Florida. It was started in 1980, and now has assets totaling over $1 billion. Some of the most prestigious businesses in the nation are red presented by this company. Being an agent to over $5 billion worth of commercial properties is a plus that attracts these giants to do business with Stephen Bittel. Now the TerraNovaCorp has found success as both a third-party operator and owner of very exclusive properties that happened to be some of Southern Florida’s best. If any corporation is looking to expand their business in the state, they should check out TerraNovaCorp for the best commercial real estate property to do it with.

It was always a dream for about 15 years of Stephen Bittel to get the property in his hands, and it has finally come true. This particular property on Miracle Mile was built in 1949 and is very close to other properties that TerraNovaCorp owns. Capturing this real estate deal was huge, and it was closed on June 29. Plans are already in the works for use of this new beautiful commercial space.

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